Are you in compliance with the regulations that the Federal Trade Commission has put in place?  Do you know? Do certain FTC regulations even apply to you?  How important is this?

Over the next several days we will be focusing on some basic things you should be aware of to be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission.  We’ll be sending our subscribers information via email about issues that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees. Plus we’ll provide the date and time for an upcoming free webinar with Internet Attorney Chip Cooper.

He will be covering, in detail, many things people in business (even home-based business) must do to be in compliance with FTC regulations. That webinar is planned for the third week in July. The exact date will be announced in that first email.


As a point of reference, one of the functions of the Federal Trade Commission is to protect consumers from false or misleading advertising by businesses, or from deceptive business practices.  They also protect the privacy of consumers.

Attorney Cooper is dedicated to ensuring people in the health and wellness industry, online business arena, and work-from-home-business worlds are not unknowingly at risk. He will be the first to explain to you that not knowing what is expected of you is your first mistake.

As we all know, “not knowing” is never a defense.

One of the common mistakes people make with their online businesses or their health and wellness business is thinking that they are already protected by their company or they are too small for the FTC to worry about.


Although it is true that the FTC is commonly involved in bigger cases like the suit Google narrowly avoided by paying large fines, or the 2011 suit against Facebook for its deceptive privacy policy, or the suit against Amazon last year for “accidental in-app purchases”, the “small fry” also can catch the attention of the FTC.  Attorney Cooper will talk about cases that are very near and dear to our industry.

As we all know, the FTC has, on more than one occasion gone after companies that it believed to be involved in “illegal pyramid schemes”.  As an industry, it is safe to say that we’ve got a heightened awareness of the importance to do things the right way. Nobody enjoys hearing that misnomer applied to us who are in the perfectly legal business of Network Marketing.

Thus knowing what to do from the onset and making sure you are not doing things that could come back to haunt you just makes good business sense.

Keep in mind that the FTC is there to protect consumers.  The way they know there is a problem is when consumers start filing complaints.  Attorney Cooper will reveal much information in how this whole system works within the FTC and what you need to do to make sure you don’t get caught up in it.

Always ensure you can and do give your customers and downline the best possible experience you can. Training is the key to success.


In recent months, there’s been a flurry of Ad account shut downs at Facebook.  Many small advertisers have lost their accounts due to what Facebook deemed “misleading or deceptive ads”.  Google has done the same thing to a lot of small companies over the past several years.  In many instances, the whole situation could have been avoided if the companies had known some basic practices to follow when advertising.  (And you’ll be amazed to hear how much of this has nothing to do with your ad on Facebook!)

In our industry, Google and Facebook are even more strict because there has been such a history of “complaints” to those entities.  If ever there was a time to really get on board it would be now, why run the risk of being one of those groups that got shut down?


In addition to making sure your business is safe, it is also of utmost importance to make sure you are trained sufficiently.  Improper training does not allow you to care for your customers or downline correctly, which puts you at risk.

nwm101picSo don’t allow your own skills to be lacking. Always ensure you can and do give your customers and downline the best possible experience you can. Training is the key to success.

Look for our upcoming emails and take the time to join us with Attorney Chip Cooper once we announce the date.



Disclaimer: While we don’t offer legal advice, we do have an Internet Attorney scheduled to give you the latest updates on this timely issue of FTC compliance.


Written by Tim Sales