One of my readers, Chris, sent me this question a short while ago and it is one that really needs to be answered:

“I’m a business professional and a manager in my company. I’ve been there many years and I have an excellent reputation. I’ve recently signed up as a rep in a network marketing company after using the products with great results for the past couple of years. My problem is that I’m worried I’ll lose my great reputation in my current job by being involved in network marketing product sales and business building. How do I make sure my reputation is not negatively affected?” 

Hi, Chris.

Thank you for this great question. Since so many people begin business building in Network Marketing while still employed, it is a very important topic to discuss.  You should feel proud of what you are doing in both areas.  And you can if you follow a few simple, but important concepts.  You can even find that your current co-workers and subordinates can look up to you and admire you for what you are doing.

This reminds me of a story I told in Professional Inviter about stock market analysts. I’ll let you review the entire story on Disc 7, but I’m going to talk about that a bit below.


How to be successful in Network Marketing“Bad Apples” create mistrust in any business, but this is especially true in Network Marketing.  Truth is, the song was wrong.  In many businesses, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.  Especially when that business is Network Marketing.  We actually have to beat to a different drum.  Higher standards and stronger values.  That’s just the way it is. Every time somebody in network marketing gets greedy, or works in such a way that upsets people instead of helping them to achieve their own goals.

But let’s use a comparative for a moment to better show the point:  The stock market.

Stock market analysts used to be very valuable and highly respected. They would analyze a company and put out their recommendation on whether the public should buy the stock or not. People would follow their advice and invest their money. They were trusted.

Then, a few “bad apple” analysts got greedy. They were recommending companies they owned stock in. They were then selling their shares right after they made their recommendations. Their focus shifted from good recommendations to customers to lining their own pockets.

They got caught and it created a lot of distrust in their industry. Now, by many, analysts are still considered nothing more than greed driven monsters.

Similar things have happened when a person is working in Network Marketing and hasn’t been provided good leadership or training.  They will not be focused on proper business building techniques and they don’t even know how to find good training directly from truly successful trainers who do provide network marketing books or DVDs by reputable trainers.  Any downline they build will likely start to fail and lose faith quickly because they’re not grounded in the right things. They’ll be involved in things that are not best practices and certainly not condoned by any of the top 10 network marketing companies.

Misrepresentation of what is truly required of a person is one of they key areas where the mistrust develops most often.


The root of the problem is that when a few of those stock analysts were dishonest, they created mistrust for the people who looked to them for advice, and they created an image for their industry.  The same has happened in our industry, and it is why you see so much attention by me and by others in the industry to provide tools and training that will help you rebuild the character of our industry while also creating trust with your prospects.

Professional Inviter and Brilliant Compensation are two such tools that I created that truly do dispel the mistrust caused by a few “bad apples” in our industry.


Steps to Build a BusinessMy advice to you is to be a professional in your network marketing business.  Take your network marketing product sales and business building seriously.  Don’t be half-hearted. To avoid risking your reputation make sure you are using proper sales and communication techinques, and be certain that you have a professional image.  If you are marketing online, then be certain to have an excellent online presence, keep a blog, and provide contact info.  Put your picture out there so people can see and connect with you.  Use tools and training that will make you more of a professional.  And never lose sight of the key reason why you are in business.
Sure, you’ll still run into people who doubt our industry, but you can build a great reputation in network marketing that does not adversely affect you in other aspects of your life as long as you follow a few simple basics.

You’ll find that much of what I teach in the Professional Inviter course is designed to not only help you and your team build strong businesses with plenty of customers, but to help you operate as true professionals who are well loved and admired.  Honestly, it can be very easy to build a great reputation in network marketing and have that great reputation spill over into all other aspects of your lives.  It may surprise you to see how quickly you become a human lead magnet as you get expert in these concepts.  As you probably know, people want to join a winning team and work with winners.  So make yourself a winner.

Be certain that you focus a good amount of your time on network marketing product sales, not just business building. Be certain that your team is well trained and doing things that promote trust in their own network marketing business.  You’ll find that your current business reputation will not suffer, but it will flourish as you flourish in Network Marketing.

Tim Sales Network MarketingNow to the heart of your excellent reputation is your own training and the training of your downline.  I am often asked what is the most important thing in Network Marketing.  I always answer the same thing.

  • Training.
  • Then, more training.
  • Then drilling.
  • Then more training, and then listen to all that training again, and again and again.
  • Drill it, then get your downline to do it.
  • Then get them to do it better, then get them to get their downline to do it.
  • Then get them to get their downline better.

And what do I recommend you do that with?  I suspect you already know the answer:  Professional Inviter.  This training program is so important that I did not cancel the sale price yet.  Why?  Because you need this training.  I’ve been around a very long time.  I know what I am talking about.  Please, go and get it today.

This sale gives you both the physical CD set AND the full digital training in your own members area.  Normally my staff are instructed to never sell it for this low price.  But I’ve shifted gears on them because I am doing everything I can to make sure you all get this training.

Go get it today and get your downline to do the same.

With Admiration,

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Written by Tim Sales