How many times have you felt like you and your MLM prospect were in sync, and then started to feel like that “in sync feeling” sort of faded away? I’ve decided to cover this topic today because I know a lot of you struggle to get MLM Leads, so it makes sense that we cover ways to keep those MLM Prospects around.  This post will help you keep and convert a lot more MLM prospects.

The way the learning process goes is that you first become aware of something, and then you get educated on it, and then you take responsibility for it. A blog post, in a lot of ways, is that awareness step.  I make you aware of something and you start looking around.  You start noticing it.  You start seeing it in just the day-to-day things that go on in your life. that’s what I’m hoping to do with this post.  To get you more aware of how you and your mlm prospect lose that connection you were starting to make and give you some things that you can start doing to become more educated and taking responsibility.


This blog post centers around something that we have all done, and usually are not aware that we have done it  and that is saying things that make our prospects feel dumb, unimportant or insignificant and we don’t even know it.  They don’t feel included, we’re talking in a way or about something that they just can’t relate to and our MLM prospect ends up feeling alienated. We were trying to communicate and connect, but all we did was alienate.

You want your MLM prospect to feel like you’re on the same wavelength.  You want him or her to feel as though, you know, you guys are best buddies and that you just “get” one another. And that is the effect you get when you do communicate at the prospect’s level.  When you use words and terms that are familiar to the MLM prospect and interests that he or she can relate to that is exactly what happens.

If, for example, you start using “lingo” that is specific to the industry or your product line, and they’ve never been exposed to either, they’re simply going to lose track, lose interest, and drift away all while you’re still talking.

How to Find MLM Prospects, Find Prospects OnlineHere’s a good way to illustrate this point.  If you were to go on board a ship.  There are terms that people use on that ship.  You don’t ask to go to the bathroom.  You ask where the head is.  The head is where you go to the bathroom.  So the head means bathroom. You never say a wall.  You say a bulkhead.

They say to you, “Don’t touch the bulkhead.  It’s wet paint.  They don’t say the right side of a ship, they’ll say the starboard side.  The left side of the ship is the port side.  The back of the ship is the stern. In other words, you step on board a ship and it’s as though you stepped into another country.

From this you can see that so much of what the very beginning stages of being on board a ship has to do with – is learning what everything means.How to Recruit MLM Prospects

Nothing alienates you faster than not being able to follow along, join in and be a part of a conversation.  This is often the way an MLM prospect is going to feel when first introduced to our industry.  And it’s going to be on you to help the guy get into the industry and stay there.  The first way you do that is being mindful of your communication level.

This boils down to making sure you are aware of what you are communicating, and that you want to communicate with words and a “lingo” that your prospect already knows. Because if you do that then you will not alienate him or her. Very often what I have observed is that when people come into network marketing, they feel a little bit like they’ve just come on board a ship or entered a new country. They feel very much alienated. They feel very lost and disoriented in terms of, you know, who they are and who they think they are.

Sometimes, we may feel the need to show our prospect that we are expert in our field.  And that is important to build trust.  It’s a well-known fact that people like to connect with people who are knowledgeable.  But if we try to do that by talking above the prospect’s level of understanding, all we do is lose our prospect and often have our prospect thinking we are insecure, or just a “blowhard”.  And again, instead of connecting, we alienate.  You can convey your knowledge and expertise in your field without speaking in such a way that you lose touch.


How can you tell if you’re losing your prospect — more like, what are the early warning signs?

Leads for MLM Companies, MLM Marketing ToolsWell if you observe your mlm prospect while you’re talking to him or her, they will give you signs.  In other words, their face, fortunately, and their body basically will react to whatever the person is thinking.  In other words, whatever the person is actually going through, there will often be a reaction that you can see.

The most common thing you’ll notice is that there’s just a little bit of a spaced out look that they’ll have on their face, and they next most common is they start to get a bit edgy or nervous like they need to wrap things up with you.  When you’re really connecting with your prospect they’re sharp and clear and they also relaxed and interested in staying around.

If you’re the one that’s talking or carrying on a conversation, you take full responsibility for the conversation. By which I mean you have to make sure you communicate to your mlm prospect in a way that he can relate, observe when maybe he isn’t relating and bring that conversation back around to a level that he once again can relate to. Making sure the prospect is with you is a key thing you need to be aware of and fix if he starts to fade.

That also means you have to be sharp, keep on your toes, and pay him the courtesy of really listening to what he says.  Because that’s also a big clue as to how well he is tracking with you.  In fact, you can even develop a short list of questions to ask MLM prospects while talking with them to get a feel for what they may already be familiar with in your business.

It is about not letting your attention wander.  For those of you who know me, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I put full attention onto something so that I capture all the details. I have never condoned multi-tasking.  And people have often asked me (when listening to the Professional Inviter, course) and they – they’ll say, you know, “Tim I’ve listened to you on the calls and,” you know, “how did you know to say this?”  And,  “ How did you develop the skill to be so quick with the response to what people were asking you and what people were saying?”

They were talking in reference to listening to the live calls, and what I communicated back to the prospects absolutely does not come from training on what to say.  That comes from fully being present – fully listening.  Listening to every detail, not speed listening through, saying, “Uh-huh, yeah.  Uh-huh, yeah.  Uh-huh.”  Right? And when you give your prospect that full attention and respect, you not only know what to say, but you complete the connection.  You just showed him that he was important enough to be listened to. That’s a real sign of respect.  And your prospect is going to appreciate you and remember you just for listening, observing and responding correctly as well as communicating at a level he can relate to.

When you see that wandering look in his eye.  Stop yourself, and ask him if you said anything that he’s not really tracking with.  He’ll tell you.  And also don’t ever be afraid to let your MLM prospect know that this is an industry alive with its own lingo and to let you know if you use terms he’s not familiar with.  He’ll appreciate your sharing the “inside skinny” with him, instead of leaving him out in the cold.How to Get MLM Leads, How to MLM

Practice that.  It’s what’s going to make you reach a new level in your business. Listen to your Professional Inviter Training over and over.  I’m serious about that, the more you listen and practice what I teach you in that training, the easier these observation, communication and listening skills become.  You can use this link to get your own copy of Professional Inviter if you don’t already own it.

The easier those skills are, the more you will just naturally communicate at the right level.  It’s not magic, but it is understanding how that learning process works and applying it to yourself. The better you get at this, the more MLM prospects you will connect with and build true relationships with, and that’s the whole goal to building a strong business.

With Admiration,

How to recruit MLM Prospects, Tim Sales




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