Sometimes I feel like I’m on a game show called “Can You Stump Tim?” and the object of the show is to ask me the most random questions about building a profitable network marketing organization.

…if there were such a show, I’m glad to say I don’t think I’ve lost yet.

I’m not saying I’m perfect (not by any means) or that I have all the answers. But I can confidently say that when it comes to building your MLM, I haven’t been “stumped” yet.

Let’s pretend you’re on that show…What question would you have for me?

If you could pull me aside and pick my brain for a while, what would you ask?  What problem are yoInterview-Questions-Featuredu struggling with in your business that I could help you solve?

How about this one?  “Tim, how do I make people believe they will make money in this business w
hen I
am not making any money in this business?”

Someone sent this in and it’s a pretty common problem.  Believe it or not, the answer is within the question.

Here’s my answer:

First off, you can’t make anyone believe anything. What you do instead is you get your prospect to exercise their ability to evaluate a business. If a person can’t or doesn’t know how to evaluate a business, they rely on “what others have done.”

I remember when I first started; it seemed as though all my friends and family would ask, “How much money are you making?” I would say, “Not much yet.” Then they would say, “Well, when you’re making money tell me and I’ll join you.” Guess what? None of them joined me.


Tim Sales

What I recommend you say when someone asks this question of you is, “Thank you for the question. I’m curious, why do you ask?”

When they say they want to know so they can decide whether they’re going to do it or not, then say, “I’m not the opportunity. The company, the products and the trends are the opportunity. Is there anything about those three items that I can explain better?”



shutterstock_242870638Something else you must know is this: there hasn’t been a person ever in this industry who didn’t have this as an objection – because everyone starts out making no money.

But thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people have allowed this objection to stop them from pursuing their dreams in network marketing.

Don’t be one of them. 

Instead, make a decision not to allow your prospect’s comments to change your view about your business.


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Wishing You the Very Best,

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Written by Tim Sales