It seems there is a common confusion about what you will learn in the Professional Presenter Course.  

It is not my intention to teach you how to put on a big event and talk to 25,000 people when I teach you how to present.

To better explain why mastering the subject of presenting is so important for you and everyone on your team, I’m giving you a few tidbits from the beginning of the Professional Presenter Course today.  I think this will give you all a different idea about the subject of Presenting and what can be accomplished when you are able to easily and masterfully present.  


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“. . . You see, my purpose for teaching someone how to present was then and is today so they could replace me doing it.

Let me repeat that: My purpose for teaching someone how to present was then and is today so they could replace me doing it. . .”


 “Therefore, what you will learn here may conflict with what others teach on the subject of presenting. I don’t teach people to be performers, entertainers, or rock stars on a stage because, eventually, they will also need to teach people how to present.”


“I’m here to teach you to be professional and effective at presenting your company or product.  But, just as important, I’m going to teach it to you in such a way that you can also teach it to others.”

“I know a lot of leaders who are rock stars on the stage, but are slaves to their business! Just like rock stars are. So, as you listen to my teachings and hear something and think, that goes against everything I’ve learned, keep in mind the big picture – for you to build a business and retire from it, you must teach others to do what YOU do. That is my intent with Professional Presenter.”


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“Earlier I gave you the broad definition of presenting, which means “to show.” But let’s go a little deeper so we can gain a better understanding. Presenting at its very core is taking a concept or idea that is in your head and conveying it (or speaking it) to another person or persons so that they adopt the same or similar view on that concept or idea.”


“Typically, a presenter’s aim or intention is to get the person they’re presenting to, to agree and adopt the same view or a similar view. This is true whether you’re presenting your business, your product, or simply presenting an idea to your employer, your mother, or your spouse.”


 “This is also true throughout any medium. Meaning, whether you’re presenting by speech or by writen words, it’s still the same concept: You desire another or others to adopt your view.” 


MLM Marketing Tool“Every minute you are around your wife you are presenting to her “how proud of her” you are. Or “how disappointed in her” you are. You’re showing your son who you want him to be. You’re showing your daughter what you approve and disapprove of. You’re presenting every working hour to your boss that he should keep you.

“One incredible gift I can give you on the subject of presenting is the awareness that you are always presenting! It isn’t a temporary thing. You are always on stage; you are always in front of the camera and always in front of the prospect. What you do is not an act or a performance – what you do off the stage is as much of a presentation as what you do on the stage.  Start thinking that Life is the stage, and you’ll start to get a real understanding of why professional presenter exists.  

“To be a great presenter, you are going to shift from being a person who wasn’t aware that you are always presenting, to a person who is aware of that fact. And with that shift you will see why it’s so important to be good at presenting.”

“. . . Since that time I’ve done thousands of presentations ranging from one person (meaning a one-on-one) to 25,000 people in a convention center. 

“My presentation style and technique were not borne out of any desire to be a speaker. My style of presenting came from a desire to speak one-on-one to every person. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I didn’t have time to do only one-on-ones, so I would combine a couple of people in the same room, but still try to keep the feeling of speaking one-on-one.”


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