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It is not uncommon to be nervous or even afraid of talking to people about your network marketing business and there are a few key reasons why you would feel this way.  In this article, we’re going to cover four things that you can do to help you feel more confident when talking with prospects. These are things that you find on people’s “How to Be successful in Network Marketing” list.  In other words they have worked for thousands in the Network Marketing Industry. I know they’ll work for you too.  Before I cover these four concepts, however I want to cover this one idea: Prospects on Pedestals .

Have you ever noticed that there are only certain people that you are fearful of or nervous about talking to?  Some people just seem so easy to talk to, while others can almost make you feel “trembly at the knees”.  What’s that about?


 Tim Sales Network Marketing Typically, your fear is based on you feeling that there are some people who are somehow above yourself because of their status. (Actually, this doesn’t have to apply just to Network Marketing, you may have experienced this feeling in other aspects of your life too.  In essence, in your own mind, you’ve placed them upon a pedestal and now they are unreachable, you feel inferior to them.

However, if you were to examine this more closely you would discover that it’s not that these people are any better than you; it’s that you don’t have confidence in your ability to communicate to them easily.  Keep in mind that this is going on in your head, not theirs. Getting over that mindset is key to being comfortable talking with them.

If you knew you could communicate easily and effectively without making any mistakes, you could and would call anyone without hesitation. You would have confidence. You would have certainty.  And there’s nothing more rewarding than having that feeling, and I’m sure you have noticed that with people you haven’t placed upon a pedestal, you do get that great feeling, that great sense of accomplishment, that knowledge that “you can do this”.

There could be any number of reasons some people make you feel “inferior”, but it would be impossible to try and cover that in this blog article, except to say that we all have them, parents, siblings, co-workers, even strangers.  The main thing is what to do to get yourself feeling on top of the issue and able to communicate to them, ideally without having to involve yourself in a long list of network marketing books in the “Self help” category.  Keep reading.

Communicate means to convey information about or make known or to reveal clearly.  Easily means without worry, anxiety, trouble or pain or requiring or exhibiting little effort.

The reason I bring this up is that there is a group of characteristics a professional must have in order to truly have success in speaking with prospects, chief among those is the characteristic to communicate easily.  Thus to communicate easily means to communicate with no tension, strain, fakeness, sounding rehearsed, stuttering or hesitating. And that’s the key to not being afraid of some of your prospects.


It’s tied into your willingness, actually.  Your willingness to talk to those people whom you feel inferior to is based on your ability to communicate easily. And to communicate easily, you need to become familiar with all aspects of your business and company, and you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve on the subject of communication.  Let’s have a look.

TENSION & STRAINBest Network Marketing Opportunities, Best MLM Companies to Join

Tension and strain (while communicating) are stress that is created by the mental activity of feeling unprepared or that you will sound “stupid” to others. If you’ve ever been asked to suddenly speak in public you know what this mental activity feels like. It creates a very uncomfortable feeling.

It’s a feeling of “being on the spot” and not knowing what to say. It is often the reason someone’s voice “squeaks and quivers” while talking. Tension and strain communicates uncertainty to the prospect or “new to the subject” and a lack of professionalism.

The solution to tension and strain is familiarizing yourself with all situations that can come up on a call when talking to prospects. This is the main reason I put live calls in Professional Inviter – so listeners could hear me talking with prospects live and know and become familiar with what prospects say on the phone.

Also, know what you’re going to ask the prospect to do – invite for product or invite for business, send to a website or get on a conference call, etc. If you are very clear about what you’re going to do and say, you will greatly reduce tension and strain. That’s ultimately being prepared.


People sound fake when they use a lot of fluff words like, awesome, incredible, unbelievable, fabulous, wonderful, special, state-of-the-art, etc. These types of adjectives demonstrate a clear bias on your part.

People can always tell when your laugh or smile is not genuine.

I’m not suggesting you be a boring communicator. By all means, be excited when appropriate. But you don’t have to use fluff or puff words to describe your excitement as they normally indicate a cover-up of real content.

Also, don’t force your emotions.  People can always tell when your laugh or smile is not genuine.  If you don’t feel like laughing or smiling, then you are better of not trying to make yourself do it.  Be yourself, be genuine, and show the appropriate and genuine emotions.


Rehearsing what you’re going to say is NOT WRONG. However, if you talk with a prospect before you’ve rehearsed enough you will sound rehearsed; which IS UNPROFESSIONAL.

If you’ve received a phone call from a telemarketer and you could tell he was reading from a script, it probably didn’t sound very genuine and as soon as you detected that he was reading from a script, you wanted off the phone. That’s what you want to avoid causing your prospect to feel about you.

Make sure you review and rehearse what you are going to say to your prospect enough times that you are comfortable and feel that sense of confidence that comes only from enough practice.  If you are going to talk to him or her about the product line, then make sure you know that product line, make sure you have practiced enough to answer his questions or if you can’t how you will comfortable answer that.  (“James, that’s a great question, but I can’t answer it right now.  I’m going to have to research that one and get back to you.”)  That’s an ok response if you are thrown a question you can’t answer.  People will respect you for that honesty and ease far more that trying to fumble your way through.


Stuttering and hesitating loops us back to the first issue I discussed above which is Tension & Strain. See, it is the fear of saying or doing something the prospect won’t agree with that causes us to hesitate and stutter.

So the solution for stuttering and hesitating is similar to the solution for tension and strain. Be very familiar with all the situations that can come up on your invite call.  Another reason you may find yourself stuttering or hesitating is because you don’t know where your conversation is going.  It happens to us from time to time.  We lost the direction or found the prospect giving the direction.  Of course this still links back to mapping out what you want to accomplish in the call before  you make the call.


Top 10 Network Marketing Companies, Top Network Marketing Companies 2015People rush too much.  They don’t practice enough.  Some don’t practice at all.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of times somebody has told me that they listened to Pro Inviter and they still are having trouble.  Of course they are.  They’re still having trouble because Pro Inviter is not something you just listen to once and stick up on a shelf or lose your password to your members lounge where your digital version is stored.

Pro Inviter is a course that you listen to a few times and then practice the skills that I teach.  And you don’t practice them until you think maybe you could give it a try (that would make you sound rehearsed), you practice it until you know deep down that you’ve got it!  An amazing thing happens when you’ve practiced enough:  without you ever picking up the phone, those people you had put on a pedestal you have finally taken off the pedestal.  It’s that powerful.

For those of you who are or were musicians.  I think you can relate to this very easily.  The first time you tried to learn a new piece of music it was rough and unpolished.  What did you do?  You practiced and practiced and practiced.  And then at some point, you knew you had it.  And each time after that when you played it again, it was that much better.  That’s the way anything is that you practice.

Real skill replaces most troubles one has.  Pedestals topple and people become people again.  Your half-hearted musings about maybe “shifting gears” to one of the “Top 50 Network Marketing Companies”no longer lingers behind the scenes.  Why?  Because you’ve got what it takes now.

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