You’re going to come across rude people in network marketing.

It’s just a reality of working with the public. There are people out there who make it a game to taunt and agitate others.

Don’t argue or be rude back. It gets you nowhere.  Just remember this:  they don’t just taunt and agitate people in network marketing, they do it to a lot of other professionals as well.

The bottom line is that when you come across one, don’t consider them an mlm prospect, they are not a good choice for you or your team.

Top 10 Network Marketing CompaniesDon’t take them personally. Don’t let them get under your skin. You’re not the only person they do that to.

Don’t bother to qualify rude people further, just move on to the next mlm prospect.

I can’t stress this enough, you don’t want them in your downline. Here’s why. If they’re rude to you, imagine how they might talk to an mlm prospect.  Imagine how they’ll treat others in your downline.


In network marketing, you’re looking for people with a positive attitude and a genuine care for helping others. Those qualities can’t be faked.

You want someone who trusts and knows the product(s) work well and who supports the goals of the network marketing company.  You want somebody who is willing to be trained.

People like this help to create the best mlm companies to join too.  It’s the idea of the winning team.  Negative, rude, and angry simply don’t fit that mold.

You’re building a downline meant to last and grow and prosper.  Choose who you put there wisely. Not everyone is right for this business.  Remember this:  There is no shortage of good people who want to improve their lives and lifestyle.

Your downline is your real strength.  Rude people in that downline would only be sapping you of all your strength.

With Admiration,

How to Be Successful in Network Marketing



Tim SalesDownline Builder

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Written by Tim Sales