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In case you missed it, the 10 Communication Qualities that I teach in the Brilliant Communicator Course are:

1. Be interested in your prospect/audience (instead of trying to be interesting to your prospect/audience)
2. Don’t be distracted by your environment
3. Have a sincere, friendly facial expression
4. Use the right amount of assertiveness
5. Communicate easily
6. Make sure your body doesn’t distract the prospect

7. Tell the truth
8. Know what you’re talking about
9. Communicate at the prospect’s level
10. Have the intention to make the prospect’s life better

By doing the first nine steps above, you will demonstrate to the prospect/audience that you have step number ten: the intention to make the prospect’s life better.

The Definition of Intention

In my view, this final quality is mostly the summary quality. However, there’s a particular reason I have this one in there.

Let’s start by breaking this down. The definition of “intention” is: something that someone plans to do. A good synonym for intention is “aim”.

Tim Sales, Brilliant Communicator, First Class MLM Tools

So if you have the intention or the aim to go to the grocery store – you should find yourself at the grocery store. Well, what happens if you have the intention to go to the grocery store – but you end up somewhere else? Well, you allowed something to derail your intention or it was not your true intention.

What happens when you’ve written your goals and have decided that the reason you’re in network marketing is to make a lot of money… but yet, in order to do the communication quality correctly you must have the intention to make the prospect’s life better? What’s it going to be? Do you want to make money or make someone’s life better? Am I trying to derail your intention? No – not at all. You actually need to have both intentions.

Harmonic Intentions

This is where harmonic intentions come into play. The definition I’m using for “harmonic” is: integrated or combined in nature. This is creating a win-win situation. It’s actually good to have both intentions.

If you have the intention to make someone’s life better – it’s harmonic to help them achieve their goal when it helps you achieve your goal at the same time. It’s only harmonious when both of you achieve your respective goals.

If one of you achieves your goal but the other one doesn’t, it’s called “sacrifice.” One of the many things I absolutely love about network marketing is that when I sponsor someone I only achieve my goal if I help them achieve theirs. So, in some weird way it forces a harmonic relationship.

On the upcoming conference call I’ll explain to you what I personally do to make sure I do this quality correctly.

My original discussion in Professional Inviter on this quality was to help you get the noise out of your head that you’re sponsoring someone to make your volumes or to make a lot of money. There have been times when I’m training someone that I ask them “Why are you calling this prospect?” And they would respond, “to make my volumes,” or “to achieve my goals.” Both of these are the wrong intention to have when calling prospects!

What Is Immoral?

It’s not immoral to desire things like cars, boats, jewelry, houses, or a great education for your children, donating to your church, etc. However, it is immoral to force, trick, or manipulate someone into giving you money so you can have those things.

You will feel fantastic about every call you make and every presentation you do IF your intention is ONLY to make your prospect’s life better. Do it this way and feel the difference!

One of the greatest retention strategies you can have in your business is to make sure each of your distributors strictly adheres to this communication quality.

Next Steps: My intention is to make your life better and that’s why I have put everything you need to know to successfully invite prospects to look at your business in Professional Inviter.

Once you have completed studying Professional Inviter you are ready for Brilliant Communicator and that CD set is available for 39.99 with this link.

You can get the online workbook here.

Your route to feeling fantastic about every call you make and experiencing real growth in your business is as simple as mastering some basic communication concepts that are rarely broken down and explained in a way that you can use them, master them and benefit from them.

Do well my friends.

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Written by Tim Sales