Today, my goal is to give you the necessary information to be a great communicator in Network Marketing (and life too)- which is vital to achieving excellence in network marketing.

Real communication is the missing ingredient for so many network marketers– especially with today’s social media. I see, far too often, people escaping behind their cell phones and keyboards sending out links to free offers thinking that’s all that’s required to build a business.  It’s not.  What builds a business is being able to communicate.  Whether you are doing it over social media, in person, or on the phone. But to be successful, you’ll need to be a great communicator in Network Marketing.

We’re specifically going to touch on one of my pet peeves – distractions.  For example, have you ever been in a conversation with someone and then noticed that you seemed to lose them, only to find that it was because they were suddenly multi-tasking?  There’s this sense of “disconnect” that happens when distractions enter in.  Being a great communicator has at its core not allowing yourself or your prospect to get distracted during a conversation.  Let’s have a look:

How to Be a Great CommunicatorGreat Communicator

When talking with your prospect, after the first silent statement of, “I’m interested in you,” the next thing you do is DON’T BE DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING.

I know it sounds simple but boy, does it show when you don’t do this. And I wouldn’t be discussing it if I didn’t see that it is severely limiting many people from being good communicators and achieving success in their MLM business.

How Distraction Hurts You

When you are distracted by something, immediately your silent statement of “I’m interested in you” is gone because you’re not interested in them if you’re distracted by something else. Instead, you’re interested in the email that just came in or the waiter that just stepped up to the table.

How to Stay Focused on Prospects

In toasting a MLM businessglass of wine, champagne or grape juice, customary etiquette claims that you should keep the glass to your lips until the toaster has taken it away from his/her lips.

In talking with your prospect, don’t take your attention off the prospect until the prospect’s attention goes off you. If the prospect looks at a TV, a waiter, a child, etc., don’t keep staring at them – shift your focus to what they’re looking at.

The Detriment of Multitasking

When you’re on the phone, keep focused on the conversation. No multitasking!

Here’s a valuable MLM training to make note of: Extremely important things get skipped while you’re doing other things when you multitask.

Your replies to their statements and questions are very often incorrect or inappropriate or not timed correctly. And don’t think for a second they don’t notice – it may be “okay” with them, but they know they are second [at least] in your order of importance. This is never okay.

For those of you who’ve listened to Professional Inviter, you may recall my conversation with Ruth and how she was multitasking. So I asked her to repeat what I had just said to her. Did you hear her trying to respond?

It’s actually very funny when you listen to it. But that’s an example of her not being able to correctly respond because she was multitasking.

What to Do at Meetings

When you’re at a business meeting with your guest, don’t be distracted by the environment. When someone arrives late to the meeting don’t look at the late person. I don’t care if EVERYONE looks; don’t you.

Keep your eyes on the presenter; this reveals the importance you place on the content of the speaker. Your guest will notice your actions. This also goes for someone leaving the room. Often, MLM training meetings are more relaxed, but the same rule applies. Don’t be distracted by anything in the environment.

Common Distractions in Network Marketing

Some common things I see network marketers distracted by are:

  1. Men distracted by a cute girl walking by.

  2. Women noticing the wardrobe of another woman walking by.

  3. Television that’s in the room.

  4. Children or pets at an in-home meeting.

  5. Cell phones ringing.

  6. Someone more interesting than the prospect – which should NEVER be the case.

  7. The rattling of a health/candy bar or a piece of candy.

Forget everything else and just pay attention to your prospect.

More on How to Be a Great Communicator

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If you think about it, if you’re really doing the first quality, the second quality is a given. Do both of these qualities and you will see a noticeable difference in your ability to easily communicate with prospects and product customers.

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Written by Tim Sales