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Many trainers besides myself have been asked this question over the years. I thought you might like to see what some of those answers were:

  • Converting leads into prospects- Ricardo Araujo
  • All recruiting, no team building – Todd Falcone
  • People drive you nuts – Dr. H.L. Barner
  • The negative space between your ears – Jackie Ulmer
  • Faith – hard to build up, easy to tear down – Mark Mandela & Larry A Standridge

Here’s my answer:

The hardest thing to do in network marketing is to communicate correctly for the situation in front of you.

I think all these answers will ring true to each of us.  At some point or another who wouldn’t have answered that question with one of these?  They all happen and they all happen enough that they cannot be ignored. But what’s the one thing they all have in common?  Communication.  As you keep reading I think you’ll see why I’m stressing it as the common denominator.  Let’s have a look.


  • How do you know what to say? What not to say?
  • How do you know what to ask?
  • How do you handle his objections?
  • Can you get them curious or interested?
  • If it is a purchased lead that you have to call, how do you know what kind of a voicemail to leave that will get that prospect to call you back?2


  • Usually it is because you don’t know what to teach first
  • Sometimes because you feel so weak on your own skills, and that makes you afraid to teach
  • You’re focusing on more recruits because that’s some communication skills you personally have and can do – so you “hobby horse”.


  • Why are they driving you nuts? Because you don’t know how to communicate what they need in that situation,  so  your frustration builds.
  • They drive you nuts because you think the things that are happening are generated by them, not you.  (I know that’s a hard one to swallow – you’re the problem, not them – but that guy slammed down the phone on you . . . how could you be the problem?)

THE NEGATIVE SPACE BETWEEN YOUR EARSHow to Be Successful in Network Marketing

  • That space only fills with the negative when you have not been able to accomplish what you set out to do in the first place.
  • Or because you came into this business with past failures that you still haven’t figured out how to turn into successes.
  • What’s the common denominator?  Communicating correctly for that situation – past or present.


  • That’s the space between your ears all over again.

You begin to see pretty clearly that it’s this thing about communication … it steers everything you do in network marketing.  Say one thing wrong,  you lose the prospect.  Over do it, under do it, answer with “apples” when they needed “oranges,” etc.- you’ll lose the prospect  It’s the underlying root problem to all of it.

If you are not sure about this, then please make a list of the last ten things that you struggled with recently. What do you see? Somebody didn’t sign up because you didn’t know how to handle an objection, they “didn’t have time”, they “didn’t have money”, they quit the business because it was “taking too much time away from their family”, they couldn’t stay with the auto ship because they couldn’t use the “supplements that fast”, on and on and on.  These are all failures to communicate for the situation in front of you. It’s what I try to focus on in Network Marketing Training.

Everything we do in Network Marketing is based upon our ability or inability to correctly communicate for the situation in front of us.

Top 50 Network Marketing CompaniesThat’s what it always boils down to.  A lot of the troubles people have just starting out will be how you communicate to the leads so you can convert them, just as Ricardo has stated.  Then how to communicate to your new recruit so he can learn what to do.  Then for the person who is driving you nuts, it’s only happening because you don’t know what to be communicating so he won’t drive you nuts, and finally you would not be having any “head space or faith issues” if the other three hadn’t already happened.

And that’s why people use my network marketing training products not only for themselves, but for their downlines, new recruits, and even their leads. I focus on the underlying problem that creates all the other problems:  What to communicate for the situation in front of you.

That’s also the reason why any time you find yourself struggling, you can grab my training materials, listen to them again and see where you went off the rails and fix it.  You don’t need a new fix, you need the same old fix that always fixes it.


I have to say most things because this won’t always prove to be true in the internet marketing actions that you apply to your Network Marketing Actions, but anything not related to the online world,  you’ll find it is a pretty stable truth.  That means instead of going out and find some new widget to solve the problem of converting leads to prospects, all you have to do is log into your members area or pull out your CDs or DVDs and listen to what I have already shown  you how to do.  In other words,  you review, you practice and  you go and do it again.  (This does wonders for the “space between your ears”, and for the “waning faith” too).

Let’s take a look at this training product for a moment:  Hot MLM Prospecting Tips.  This is the training you want for a whole host of reasons that you’ll run into:

Specifically, you’ll find solutions to the following:

  • Converting leads into prospects
  • All recruiting, no team building
  • People drive you nuts
  • The negative space between your head
  • Faith – hard to build up, easy to tear down


Network Marketing BooksI can’t tell you how important it is to know a few simple communicating basics.  And I stopped being amazed a long time ago at how sometimes the simplest things to some can be the most difficult things to others.

And here’s why:  They only get simple after you know how to do them successfully and can do them successfully all the time.  With ease and confidence.

After a few years of training people I found four common communication basics for Network Marketing that constantly trip people up:

  • correctly qualifying prospects,
  • learning the art of making your prospects curious,
  • leaving phone messages that really are effective in that they produce return calls, and finally
  • product sales

When you look at it, these things are basic.  Basic = powerful.  Roll things back to the basic steps that must be known well and watch how powerful your skill set truly is.  More fascinating is the fact that it is all based in what I originally told you:  correctly communicating for the situation in front of you.  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CD SET

You’ll notice as well that the training covered in those 4 lectures happens to also align to our “hardest things in Network Marketing” list above.  I am always recommending this training to new people, people who are recruiting and need instant and immediate training tools for their new recruits, and of course anybody who is suffering with anything on the problem list.  In fact, I spend so much of my time recommending that people use these tools  that I began to think maybe people don’t realize that these tools exist and what they should be doing with them.Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

And that’s why you’ve got a blog post on it. Honestly, the thing to remember is that your success and the success of your team is always going to roll all the way back to just this one thing:  Are you correctly communicating for the situation in front of you?  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CD SET

So please if you already own this set, and you feel like you need help or things feel hard then go and listen to them again.  If you don’t own this set, please go get it.  If your downline needs help and guidance, have them read this blog post and go get these lectures.  It’s the best thing you can do for new people, struggling people or people who have developed too much “negative space between their head”.

Network Marketing Training PDFIf you’re not sure that this idea of communication being the underlying problem, then go get my free training slideshow.

It teaches you a couple of simple skills:  How to get your prospects to return your calls to them. How to get some relationship building started. Try that out first and then you’ll see for yourself why this stuff works, and how it works. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS FREE TRAINING.

Best Wishes to you all,

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