succeed in Network Marketing

There are thousands upon thousands of people who are achieving success through network marketing or MLM.

Many of these network marketers have been making a serious income for years – but their success is not based solely on the number of years they have been in the industry.

Of course, the longer you are involved, the more money you can make. But it takes a lot more than just time. It also takes more than a great product line and a great MLM company (crucial as these factors may be)! It takes sheer determination and a conviction or a belief in yourself that you will succeed.

Finding Determination When You Are Inexperienced

A logical question to ask is, “How do I find the conviction I need to succeed in my network marketing business when I’m new have not yet sponsored anybody?”

No matter what we decide to do in life, we will never excel at anything unless we have the willingness to learn and the right training to teach us. This willingness and drive come from the courage you have in your own convictions – your certitude that you have made the right decision.

The Secret to Fostering Security

Let’s talk about feeling secure for a moment. First of all, let me state that you will never find conviction, you will never find security, and you will never feel secure, if you look for these outside of yourself. There isn’t anything else. So don’t look outside. Don’t look for an upline or a downline to give you security. Don’t look to the MLM company or a new release of products for security. That’s not where security lies.

succeed in network marketingBut there is something that does foster security – and that is ability. When you look at your results and you see that you are getting results, this confirms that you have made the right decision. And certainly receiving a healthy monthly paycheck absolutely confirms your decision every month!

So what do you do until you have made that first sponsor and you’re making some money, or enough money to justify your decision? Well, until such time, the only thing you can actually focus on is the decision.

Security is absolutely about two things: Your decision to be successful and your undying commitment to learning.

Depend on Yourself First

Job security belongs to a different age and a different mindset and does not exist in the company that you work for. Network marketing success is not dependent on one particular company (yes, some are more successful than others). The only thing you can ever be secure about is your drive to be successful and your conviction that you will be.

Furthermore, security is never guaranteed, even if you have been in the MLM business for a long time. Think about this for a second and you will realize why I am saying this.

I’ll say it again: security is never guaranteed, even if you have been in the MLM business for a long time.

I have a lot of evidence to back up this fact since I know a number of people who have been in the network marketing business for a very long time, and they are no more secure about what they do than a person who started just a week ago.

So you will not find security just because you have been in the MLM business for a long time. The only place that you can ever find security is in your decision to be a success. And it is here where you find your conviction.

Self Improvement Is Key

I have met a ton of people who have made the decision to work in network marketing. They’re at every single meeting. Not with many guests – but they’re at every single meeting. Perhaps you have met some people like this too.

Applaud these people if you wish, for their sheer determination and persistence – because they have made a decision not to quit. However, they have not made a decision to learn. What they have made is a decision that they will stick to over time – but not a decision to improve. They will therefore not become more successful.

The Anatomy of Network Marketing Success

Professional Inviter & Professional Presenter by Tim SalesThe only way to improve your success in your network marketing business is to work at it: train and study in your chosen area.

So you find the conviction to succeed in your network marketing business by first making the decision to be successful. Second, you need to decide to follow the right training, and study the things you need to know in order to succeed. The ensuing result will clearly justify your decision, both through that check that comes in every month and the realization that you are helping other people in the process. That is the anatomy of network marketing success.

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Written by Tim Sales