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of course one of the most important things I  can teach you is how to get MLM customers. Every MLM Business Plan includes the acquisition of both MLM recruits and MLM customers, but very often the focus shifts away from customer acquisition in favor of new recruits.  Often this occurs because of the difficulty people have in how to find MLM Prospects, they feel like they have to get the “biggest bang for their buck”.  But MLM customers are the lifeblood of your company.

If you’ve been following our blog or my Facebook Page, you’ll know that I have been focusing on this topic with you these past couple of weeks. I’m sure those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have always said that customers are the lifeblood of your business, and that’s why I highly recommend you get good at finding, getting, and keeping customers.  There have been a few questions submitted on the subject of getting mlm customers.

I’ve grouped these questions together to form a single question:


That’s the question:  How do I use the Inviting Formula to Get MLM Customers?

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and that’s why I highly recommend you get good at finding, getting, and keeping customers.

The Inviting Formula is a sequence to invite your mlm prospect to look at something (business or product).

1.        Greet
2.        Qualify
3.        Invite
4.        Close to action
5.        Handle questions/objections
6.        Follow up/follow through

Because consistent product sales are crucial to your success, I want to share some specific training tips on how to invite customers to try your product or service. I’ll do this by using the Inviting Formula above and demonstrate how to use the formula from a “getting MLM customers” perspective.  Now keep in mind too that the Inviting Formula is one of the most important tools to master because it really teaches you about being in communication with your prospects.  And that is very important to preventing somebody of accusing you of being involved in MLM scams.

Also, keep in mind that the examples below relate to nutritional supplement products but this strategy can be used, no matter what your product is.

Finally, as a reminder, this is a brief discusson on the Inviting Formula, and the full education on this formula is contained in the Professinal Inviter Course.


You first “Greet” your mlm prospect and continue the greeting step with them until they are talking freely to you. You then “Qualify” them to find out what they need/want. This would be something your product or business provides (need more energy, want to sleep better, need to sleep more, want healthy hair) or don’t want (don’t want to wake up during the night, don’t want to be tired all day, don’t want ugly pimples on their face, don’t want their hair falling out, etc.)  If they don’t qualify you end here with the Inviting Formula. If they do qualify you try to find out as much as you can about what they desire by asking for specifics.


  • Have you tried anything to help you get more energy?
  • What’s your typical day like?
  • How do you sleep?
  • What kind of foods do you typically eat?


After you’ve qualified them (and they qualify) you then “Invite” them to look at something that will help them get what they need/want or don’t want. This “something” could be your explanation. It could be a brochure, a video, an audio or to come to a presentation.

After you invite them, you “Close to Action,” which is to create an action step that actually GETS them this thing you’ve invited them to look at. So if you invited them to look at a brochure – your close to action would be to say something like,

“I’m putting a brochure in the mail as soon as we hang up the phone, which explains how you can have more energy. You should get it in three days. When would be a good time for us to talk after you’ve looked at the brochure?”

or “As soon as we hang up the phone, I’m emailing you a link to a video that explains how you can have more energy.  When would be a good time for us to talk after you’ve watched that video?”

Set an appointment for when you will follow up with them – date and time.


The next step of the Inviting Formula is for you to “Follow Up or Follow Through.” Which is simply, call them when you said you would (in the Close to Action step).

When you call the prospect to follow up, you just repeat the Inviting Formula but adapt it to the current conversation. Greet them and get them to talk to you (much quicker this time), you qualify them to ensure they received the brochure, read it and that they understood it. You then invite them to buy the product or to get additional information. Close to Action by getting them the product. Follow up and ensure they received the product and follow through by ensuring that they get what they needed/wanted or didn’t want any more. So in the case of the example we’ve been using, you would ensure that they do get more energy.

And that’s how you use the Inviting Formula to get MLM customers.


Yes.  And I just want to share this really great letter that came to us a while ago.  The person who sent the message doesn’t use the Inviting Formula AT ALL for bringing people into any kind of MLM business. He uses it to train 10,000 insurance sales people to get insurance customers! Certainly, if it works for 10,000 insurance sales reps, it definitely works as solid training to build your customer base.

Take a look at this success letter:

How to MLM, Best MLM Business, Best MLM Business Opportunity, MLM Model, MLM prospectHi Tim,

I want to thank you and let you know that your teachings in the Brilliant Compensation series have given me a lot of help and insights in training sales and sales leaders. I have been in the life insurance industry since 1978, with flying color results in Hong Kong. I had been in the role of Training Director for a large international company AIG /AIA looking after the learning needs of 10,000 people every year in the last 5 years. And we are known by many in the industry as the company that provides the “best” training.  However few will know where and whom do we learn from.

Your teachings are really hitting the problems on the head, especially when you address the greetings, promotion and communication part of direct selling. I have been following your teachings for now over 7 or 8 years now. It WORKS !

Best regards,
Stephen Tsai

Note: The Brilliant Compensation Series he mentioned above was Professional Inviter, Brilliant Communicator and Pocket Tracker.

I sincerely hope this brief example of how to use the Inviting Formula to get MLM customers helps each of you get more customers, but I must also caution you: Please don’t think that if you have some success with this formula and blog article there is nothing left to learn.  Professional Inviter is a Big Training Course with lots for you to learn. This is just one piece of the puzzle!

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Good luck to you!

MLM Business Opportunity Network Marketing

Tim (#TimSales)

P.S.  For those of you who work to find prospects online, you can still use the inviting formula to get mlm customers.  These steps can be done in text or pm, or with email.

Written by Tim Sales