What type of person are you? Are you normally upbeat, optimistic and cheerful? Our personality traits really do relate to the way we look at life and how successful we are at working with others.

No doubt you have heard the expression, “is the glass half full or is the glass half empty?” Even though you may dismiss the expression as being a little trite, how you personally look at life will play an enormous part in how to talk to prospects in Network Marketing. This is actually a critically important thing to cover in any network marketing training program today.


Some people rely far to heavily on network marketing scripts, and when first starting out in Network Marketing training, I too will recommend them.  But, they should be used specifically as a training tool and not as a lifelong commitment.  How to recruit mlm prospects has got to become an unscripted natural process and it can if you start with these communication guidelines.

When you are talking to your MLM prospects, think of the whole experience in terms that include all of these things:

  • your mannerisms
  • the things you talk about
  • how you talk about them
  • the speed at which you talk
  • the subject you talk about
  • the way you listen to the prospect
  • the way you respond to the prospect
  • how attentive you are to what is going on in the background
  • how interested you really are in the prospect
  • how courteous you are throughout

How to Recruit MLM ProspectsRegardless of how your network marketing prospects may look at life or may be feeling when you are talking, it is extremely important that you come across as being positive and believable. Imagine how long the conversation would last or how open the prospect would be to finding out more about your network marketing business if you were anything less than upbeat. Probably not very long.


No matter how you are feeling personally, if you always put the interests of your network marketing prospects first, when you have a genuine desire to help others achieve their goals and aspirations, it is not that difficult to be enthusiastic. Your own personal feelings will melt away.

Always put the interests of your prospects first.

However, when you are working through the process of how to prospect people, empathy plays an important role too. By that I mean not being too full of optimism and cheerfulness. When you’re talking to someone and that person may not be as enthusiastic as you, then you may come on too strong or alienate and irritate your mlm prospects. So, it’s all about getting the balance right.How to Talk to Prospects, Network Marketing Books


When you call and talk to your network marketing prospects, they will want and need you to have some confidence and sound positive. They want to feel you are the right person to help them. But if you are too optimistic or too enthusiastic, then your mlm prospects may well feel that you are too different from them and they won’t feel comfortable talking to you.  They may even begin to feel suspicious of you.  Ever experienced that for yourself?

The way you overcome that risk is by not faking it. Be yourself and remember that you are a member of the network marketing industry because of your willingness to help others succeed. Conversely, if you see that the person you are talking to is upbeat and optimistic, and you come in conservative and hesitant, you’re going to lose that guy.


I’ve had callers call my house, and you probably have too, and you know they just do not sound genuine. They sound like they’ve got a motivation tape on their headphone or something and they’re pretending to be someone or something they’re not.  I don’t need to make calls like that and neither do you. You can be optimistic. You can be upbeat without being a fake. And that’s really what I want you to get from this article. You can be upbeat, optimistic and cheerful without being fake. And when you balance those things with what the prospect needs, you will be successful.

Be very clear on what optimism is. “Optimism” is seeing that which is good. It’s shining the best light onto a subject. And “cheerful” is finding things to be happy about.

When you are truly focused on your MLM prospects and are openly trying to determine their needs, their wants, and what they don’t want – you will undoubtedly get the clues that help you to be optimistic and cheerful about the possibilities for them.


As always, it is vitally important to look at a given situation from the viewpoint of the network marketing prospects.  But what if you know you have a few scheduled calls to make and you are the one who is not exactly upbeat or feeling that enthusiastic?

When I am feeling a little tired, I know it’s not the optimum time to make a call to network marketing prospects. So I’ll get up, maybe I’ll run downstairs. I’ll go take a walk around the block, or I’ll go do something else, and then come back and make the call fresh.

Now, that’s just the obvious, simple thing that you can do. But, really, if you just think about this for a second, you are the person who decides whether or not you’re cheerful or not. For example, it’s not the weather – the weather does not decide whether or not you’re cheerful. You are independent of everything around you, and you make your own choices.

But probably the most important thing is how you talk to your network marketing prospects once you get on the telephone. Make absolutely sure that you greet them in a positive and upbeat manner.

With Admiration,

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Tim Sales (#TimSales)


Written by Tim Sales