Saying the right thing to your MLM Prospects at the right time can  make you a lot of money in your MLM business.

In this blog post, I am going to take your MLM training to the next level when it comes to effectively communicating with your prospects. That next level is for it to become natural to you as you speak with your MLM prospects about your MLM business opportunity.

What is Natural?

There are several definitions for the word “natural” and it is very important that you know which “natural” I’m referring to.

  1. Not acquired; inherent; born with. THIS IS NOT THE NATURAL I’M TALKING ABOUT.
  2. Free from artificiality or inhibitions. THIS IS THE CORRECT ONE.

Definition one is referring to something that one is born with such as blue eyes, height, hair color, etc.

Definition two refers to how you can rattle off your address without thinking about it, or drive a car without having to think it through. Natural as in the way you know a favorite song. In essence, you’ve done it so many times or for so long that it just comes to you naturally.

Okay, so how does this happen, this idea that you’ve done something so often that it just comes naturally?  Let’s take a look at something as simple as knowing your own address.  You moved in, you got your address and you had to do an address change with the post office. You pulled out the piece of paper your new address was written on and you referenced it several times to make sure you wrote your new address correctly.

Then, you wrote it on a FedEx envelope and remembered it all except the zip code – hmm, is it 92105 or 92150? You find out and now you have it. If you never wrote it again, you’d perhaps forget it again, but if you use it frequently you just know it and you are certain you know it.Free MLM Training

By the way, how is it that you know that the name goes on the first line, street address on the second and city, state, zip on the third line? That’s the formula it goes in, right?

For inviting to be natural and sound natural you must smoothly and correctly transition from one part of the Inviting Formula to the next. I teach that formula in the Professional Inviter course.

The trick to inviting your MLM Prospects is to know exactly when to transition.

Like from “Greeting” to “Qualify”. When you don’t greet completely, you don’t get a prospect who will give you their need/want. Overdue the “greet”  and your prospect feels you’re wasting his time and will get off the phone with you as quickly as he/she can.

So when you’re talking to your MLM prospects about your MLM business or a product you offer, the trick to being “a natural” is to know exactly when to transition to the next step in the Inviting Formula. Like from Greeting to Qualify.

When you don’t greet long enough, you don’t get a prospect to reveal give you their need/want. Greet too long and your prospect feels you’re wasting his time and will hastily get off the phone with you.

You have to recognize the exact moment when the prospect qualifies for your MLM business opportunity.

Example: When the prospect says, “I’m sort of sick working for someone else.” When I hear this, I know they qualify to be in my business.

Or, if you’re listening to see if the MLM prospect qualifies for your MLM business and the prospect says, “I don’t remember signing up for anything; why are you calling me! $&*$!” Then, I know they just disqualified themselves from being in my network marketing business.

Mastering “Greet” & “Qualify” starts your route to becoming an “MLM Natural”

How to Find MLM ProspectsTo truly be an “MLM natural”, you have to know the rest of the Inviting Formula and know when to make the transitions, but the good news is that the others are much easier to recognize compared to the “Greet” and “Qualify”.

If you can master learning when to transition for “Greet” and “Qualify” you will really be able to tell a difference in your ability to have meaningful conversations with prospects about both your network marketing business or your products or services.

So just how do you get good at these transitions?

  1. Invite over and over until you can sense it. Like letting the clutch out on your car, the first few times are rough. I recommend you drill the Invite for MLM business prospects and then drill the Invite separately for product or service sales. I don’t recommend you invite your prospect to look at your business and your product/service in the same conversation.
  2. Listen to and model someone else. Listen to someone else do it and then model what they do because very often prospect’s responses are similar. (You can hear me do it in the Pro-Inviter course, by the way.)

Transitions to Listen For

Understand that I’m giving you free Network Marketing Training, but the full training is going to be in the complete Pro Inviter Course.  So use these tips to get some immediate progress, but don’t think this is all there is to it.

It took me hundreds of calls before I learned to sense it. These are transitions I especially listen for when I’m trying to determine if the person qualifies as an MLM business prospect.

Greet – Get someone who will talk freely and openly to you:MLM Training Site

  • I requested more information because I’m looking to open my own business.
  • I’m just looking around to see what’s out there.

Qualify – Find out their needs/wants/don’t-wants (as it relates to your business):

  • Well, I just know there’s more out there.
  • I’m sort of sick of working for someone else.
  • I just want to be able to enjoy my life without always having to punch the clock.

The rest of the formula I teach in the Professional Inviter course, which, if you do not own it, I highly recommend that you get it.  If you do own it and these steps are not natural to you, then you need to practice more.

Do Well,

Tim Sales

Written by Tim Sales