Very often people who subscribe to my list are not aware that we offer three core training products that teach you how to invite, how to communicate like a master, and how to present and train your team. They enjoy our blog and some of our specialty courses, but they never really dig in and take the next step. Often because they don’t know what the next step is.

This blog post is for those of you who have called or emailed asking for the sequence of our core training products, essentially in what order do we recommend that you train?

Finally, there’s been some confusion over the different versions we offer.

So first Let me explain the versions:

  • Silver Versions are digital only and are available to you in our members area.
  • Gold Versions are the physical products only, such as CDs, DVDs, Booklets, presentation cards and workbooks.
  • Platinum Versions are both the digital and physical so you can have the best of both worlds.

Here’s your Training Line Up for the Core Training Products (you can click on the links below to get a complete rundown on each of these products).

  1. Professional Inviter
  2. Brilliant Communicator
  3. Professional Presenter

What Do You Learn From Them (Or “why do I need to do this training, Tim?)


Professional Inviter teaches you the real nuts and bolts to inviting people. Whether you are inviting them to try your products, to a meeting, or lunch, or even a webinar, whether you are using the phone, or in person, in essence, anything you need to invite a prospect to. Inviting is the bedrock of all other actions that you do in Network Marketing, if you can’t invite, you can’t succeed.

If you invite poorly, you eat up a lot of your own profits.get it nowBuyButton


Brilliant Communicator picks up where Pro Inviter leaves off. It takes you deeper and helps you confront and handle the hard issues about yourself in business, but also allows you to become a master communicator. And it’s communication that is behind everything you do, especially sales.

When you master this course, then you’ll find that everything about network marketing is easier because you just raised yourself high in the ranks on competence and confidence.


pro presenter1

Professional Presenter is not only a training process for you to be able to present to an individual or an audience, but it is your tool to train your team so that they are not always relying upon you to invite, communicate and present to each and every prospect they bring.

If you want more sleep and more free time, as well as more skill then you’ll want to become a professional presenter.


I hope this clarifies the line up and helps you in guiding yourself or those in your downline.



Looking forward to your future success,

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Written by Tim Sales