The essence of “connection” in Multi Level Marketing, just as it is anywhere else, is communication. You must CONNECT with other people to build any business. The whole structure of your MLM business however– more than any other business– is built upon making connections and turning them into true relationships.

Communication is the idea that you can formulate a thought and cause someone else to see, hear and understand that thought and then envision the same exact message.

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Your ability to communicate with people — how well you communicate — determines in large part your ability to be successful and how successful you will be in MLM.

If people cannot clearly comprehend in their minds what you attempted to communicate to them, they will not see or accept your invitation to join your business; or they will join and quit because they have not shared your vision. That’s why we say that the connection is everything in MLM.  You’ve got to connect to communicate, you’ve got to communicate to connect!  

Think about this for a moment, if you talk with somebody and explain to them what a great chance your business is for them to improve their future and achieve their goals, but all they “hear” is “another drain on my time”, then you won’t connect with them, and your communication to them failed.  Thus, communication is more than just words.  It’s seeing when somebody isn’t “getting it”, and changing “what” and “how” you communicate to that individual so that they can “get it”.


Some people believe that salespeople or communicators are just born, but I disagree. Communication is a skill, and skill is defined as “a developed talent or ability.” Infants do not communicate well since they need to work out how to use their tongues and lips to sound out and mouth the right words; yet, within a few years, with practice, they learn to speak, proving that communication is a skill and that it can be learned and improved with practice.

By extension, then, MLM inviting is a specialized communication skill, which also can be acquired through training.

Focusing on one thing and doing that one thing well will get you further that anything else in your MLM Business. That one thing should be to communicate well.

Much of the activity of MLM centers around making contacts with new leads, offering up invitations and establishing a personal connection with those people, and then working with them on a daily basis. Your prospects must envision your opportunity and be able to make it their own before your invitation will be accepted.


WHAT is said is important, but so is HOW it is conveyed from person to person. These two qualities translate into successful inviting business’ growth, when applied correctly. Such application is called “selling.”


Professional selling is intimately tied to communication and so is professional inviting. I attribute most of my success in this business to practicing inviting and perfecting my communication skills.

Here are two important ideas that I find can help the beginner as well as the leader in MLM:

  • Everyone is in sales, one way or the other
  • Master one thing at a time

So, what’s your MLM model for success, and how do you teach others to become successful? You train yourself and others in communication and in salesmanship; and you do this one skill at a time.

And what is the root skill of “salesmanship”?  The ability to communicate well.  And don’t forget:  Those things that your prospect says are far more important than most people realize.


Like it or not, we need to communicate to connect with each other, and in the MLM business especially, communication is selling. Inviting is selling… is communication… is connection… is success. That’s how it goes; that’s how you communicate and train it in on your downline associates.

With Admiration,

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Tim Sales

Written by Tim Sales