MLM Training: Please note that this article on handling questions and objections only deals with those that come up during an invite call – as in the first time you talk to a prospect and are inviting them to look at your MLM business.  Also, this is not a complete training, but is a small bit of mlm training that I expand upon completely in the Professional Inviter Course, which is some of the best MLM training for network Marketers.

Defining Questions & ObjectionsNetwork Marketing Training

Let’s start off with defining what “Handle Questions and Objections” means.

  • Handle – to deal with effectively (there are a lot of replies out there, but they don’t handle the question or objection).
  • Questions – something asked.
  • Objections – expressed or unexpressed opposition (to be against or resistant to).
  • Purpose – The purpose of Handling Questions and Objections is to get the prospect beyond their question(s) and or opposition(s) which are currently stopping them from attaining what they’ve stated they need, want or don’t want.

When your prospect doesn’t want to do what you’ve asked them to do, he/she has an unresolved question and/or objection.

How to Handle Objections

The remaining text in this article includes  additional MLM training that explains exactly how to handle objections so your prospects DO what you ask them to do. There are two kinds of questions and/or objections:

  • Expressed – When your prospect expresses a question or objection, be very thankful! It’s one you don’t have to DIG UP!
  • Unexpressed – When your prospect withholds their questions or objection. Your job is to locate and remove the unexpressed questions and objections.

These questions and objections, whether expressed or unexpressed, can stop and ARE stopping your prospect from getting what he/she has stated (during the Qualify step) they want (more money, work from home, etc.). So, you need to effectively handle these.

There is a formula for handling questions and objections. The reason a formula is necessary is so you do all the necessary steps to effectively handle the objection. If you just give the reply, you can miss all the other necessary steps to HANDLE the question or objection and worse, you can upset or give extra strength to their objection. Many, many times, I’ve seen the objection fizzle to nothing just by properly doing the first three steps of the formula.

Questions & Objections Formula

Free Network Marketing ToolsListen completely through the question/objection. Why? So you are sure you get the correct objection and to respect the prospect’s right to communicate a full thought without you feeling your thought is more important.

Confirm understanding. Why? So that you handle the real objection or question!

Here is an example:

Prospect: Is this sales? 

Networker: I want to make sure I fully understand your question. Could you clarify what you mean by “sales?”Prospect: Would I have to go out and sell products door to door? 

Networker: Oh, now I understand. Thank you for clarifying that. Are you looking for this type of sales? (further clarification)

Prospect: Absolutely not.

Make the question or objection valid, but don’t agree with the objection. Use the same or slightly less intensity.

When you make a question or objection valid, you make it important. Why? You want to make the objection important because it’s important to the prospect. Making it important doesn’t mean you also have to agree with it. If you agree with it, you will give it extra strength. This is not the desired effect. You want them to know that you heard them and that you understand their concern.

Intensity is the volume and animation you use. Using similar intensity helps you communicate better with your prospect. If your prospect is very animated about something and you sit there like a stump, your level of communication will lessen. Conversely, if you’re very animated and your prospect is subdued, the same non-optimal effect occurs.

CORRECT: I completely understand your concern. (Made objection important without agreeing with it)

INCORRECT: I feel (felt) the same way! (This is incorrect because you agreed with objection)

INCORRECT: Oh! I totally agree! I would NEVER go door to door!? Are you kidding me? That is so below me! (This is incorrect because you agreed with the objection and used too much intensity)

Handle or facilitate handling Questions and/or Objections. Why? To get the prospect past the concerns that stop him/her from getting what they’ve stated they need and/or want.

The most effective way to handle objections is to get the prospect to create a solution to their own objections.

CORRECT: In the past there have been people to use the door to door method to find prospects, but there are many ways to locate interested prospects. What methods of prospecting do you feel comfortable with?

Prospect: Well, I wouldn’t mind mailing out post cards. I also like running newspaper advertisements.

Networker: Good, both of those can be effective ways to find prospects.

See, the networker is not “handling” the objection; he/she is facilitating the prospect to handle their own objection. The key is to ask questions that lead the prospect to the solution.

If you say it, it can be challenged. If the prospect says it, it must be true. Think about what you just read. This little bit of MLM Training is worth a lot when you think about what you stand to lose by not handling objections and questions the right way.

NOTE: Do not move to the complete and return to previous step until you are certain the objection(s) is handled.

Complete and return to previous step.

The “Complete and Return to Previous Step” completes the conversation about the question or objection and returns prospect and networker to the step of the Inviting Formula they were on prior to the question or objection.

Example: Thanks for bringing that up. Now that I know a tad bit more about you, tell me, you sound like you’ve had experience in marketing – is that correct? (Moving prospect and networker back to Qualify step, which is where in the Inviting Formula they where when the Question arose.)

Prospect: Yeah, I’ve been doing it my whole adult life.

Networker: That’s great – you understand that marketing is “How you find the customer?”

Prospect: Absolutely – companies couldn’t exist without marketing.

Networker: Since you know that, have you ever thought about marketing for your own business?

Professional Inviter Tim SalesIt’s very important that you be very focused on implementing this MLM training and get good at using this formula.

See, when you take the responsibility of prospecting someone you are agreeing to become their teammate, a teammate that will help their mate get over the obstacles that stop them from making a lot of money.

If they could have done it on their own they would have. They need you. They put this “objection” in their way of wealth. You, being a good teammate, help get them beyond this obstacle. The formula I’ve given you above will accomplish that.

Next Steps: If you want a deeper understanding of handling questions and objections, check out Lecture 4 in Professional Inviter by Tim Sales.

Written by Tim Sales