What do I mean by Network Marketing Business Building Discipline and why am I discussing this at all? In Network Marketing, we can sometimes think there is no discipline required, and in fact, many of us started our business to get away from all that “discipline” of  Corporate America.

Let’s first define that concept of discipline: According to  Merriam Webster–”control that is gained by requiring that rules or orders be obeyed and punishing bad behavior, a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules”

That’s not the kind of business discipline I want to talk about.  It’s the kind that actually builds a business.  It’s Network Marketing Business Building Discipline. Knowing what it is and how to use it is what builds businesses.


Here’s our definition:  activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training.

That definition of discipline and Network Marketing Business Building do belong together.

Tim Sales First Class MLM, Network Marketing BooksIt can be tough when you first start out or work a limited number of hours. Not many of us are going to think  about what activities, exercises and regimens we need to develop and implement on a daily basis to actually build your business.

Not many of us even realize a need for them.

It can be especially tough if your sponsor talked about the freedoms and part time work style so many people in the industry enjoy, like long afternoons at the beach . . . and coupled it with images of Diamonds, Platinums or Bronzes in the organization.

So there becomes the second part of discipline: Identifying what activities, exercises or regimens you need to have that help you achieve your goals.Tim Sales

So there becomes the second part of discipline and Business Building: Identifying what activities, exercises or regimens you need to have in place on a daily basis that help you achieve your goal. In essence: you’ve got to have the right disciplines.

A while back on a conference call, one of the attendees expressed that she was getting off to a slow start and that she needed help in turning that around. A lot of her trouble was that she was still working a full time job. I want to tell you what I told her and all the people on that call because it is still true today!

“You see, I know your situation quite well as I started part-time while I was in the Navy. It’s a real juggling act. I’m going to give you an extra way to view your business; next I’ll give you a game plan and will conclude with how to fit it all in your day.

Probably your day was already “full”. when you decided to build a business of your own. Then you added building a business into that already full schedule. So of course you will feel even more busy and unorganized. The first thing to understand is this is normal to feel this scattered feeling.

An odd thing that I’ve experienced is that I normally will – eventually – raise my productivity level to meet my obligations – no matter what. The reason I emphasize eventually is because in the beginning there is a lot of activity that isn’t focused – therefore there are a lot of unnecessary actions that are wasted. And perhaps there are necessary actions that could become more focused.

To succeed in any business, one has to learn what actions are the most important actions to accomplish and which are the least important before they can ever become efficient.


To a large degree, having a game plan is your solution how to recruit mlm prospects, and as you will see in the example below, it even opens up the door to what kinds of questions to ask MLM prospects.

  • Goal: The worst confusions and wasted actions come from not being fully decisive about what you want to accomplish and why you want it. Make sure you’ve written it out exactly. Picture a water faucet that is dripping – that symbolizes indecision. It’s not really on and not really off. It’s trying to do both. You can’t be all on until you’ve made that decision.
  • Self Training: No one comes into this industry fully knowing how to do each part of it. There are things they must learn. So spend some time daily learning the right way to build your business. You need to train yourself on your company, your products/services, the Network Marketing industry and most important of all: how to communicate effectively with people.
  • Promotion: No one knows about your business until you tell them. You must promote and make it known. How? Well, any way that communication can be delivered! Newspaper ads, purchased leads, calling people you know, Social Networks, etc.
  • Reach Out: Dial the phone, send emails, use pm and text messaging, involve yourself in any outbound actions that you can.
    • Connect with MLM prospects
    • Set an appointment, do a presentation
    • Get a customer
    • Get a distributor
    • Reach out and connect again and again with MLM prospects and repeat the steps over and over.
  • Train: You’ve got to do right by your downline and get them trained.
  • What do you train a distributor to do? Start at the Game Plan.

Those are the necessary actions for you to do and to learn to do very well. They are your Discipline. Anything not on the above list is probably not going to contribute to growing your business, therefore would be wasted action.


The above list can be overwhelming.  How does one do it, how Tim Sales Network Marketing Business Buildingdoes one learn what they honestly need to learn to make the right decisions and do the right actions?  How does one streamline this whole process?  It is so easy to get off task, or to feel like the tasks that you need to do are too hard.  So here’s where you start.  You start by taking advantage of my new Money-Making Guide,  “Top Three Money-Making Activities”, It’s a free guide that you can start using right away. 

It will help you start laying the groundwork for your own Network Marketing Business Building Disciplines that make businesses grow.  Start there.  Click Here to Get Yours.

With Admiration,

Tim Sales



Written by Tim Sales