There’s a multitude of directions, resources, approaches, solutions, and well just “stuff” out there than can easily distract you from your Network Marketing Business Building. . .

Too many options can overwhelm and confuse. That’s when you need to strip back your Network Marketing Business Building to its simple core: your ability to communicate (which includes the skills of reaching out and following up).

Here’s the most basic sequence one must try to adhere to:

1.  Find Prospects: We have lots of resources available for you to do this, on our main website if you need help.  As well, you can always purchase leads if you don’t want to use some of our other resources or training.

2.  Communicate well with those prospects: The key word here is “well”.  Anything you need to do in your business can be done easily if you have good communication skills. Having the ability to communicate well can make ordinary things you do extraordinary.  Using honey instead of spice has a lot of merit you know, but don’t over do it either.  Be yourself, be natural. Show that you care. Above all else remember this:  your business prospers to the degree that you are doing it to help make others lives better.  When you operate that way others see it, feel it, and want to be a part of it.

Think about how good it feels when you know you are cared for.  Now spread that feeling around to others when you are working with them and communicating with them.  They’ll warm up, open up and join up.  It’s human nature to seek for the genuine warmth and caring, interested person to have relationships with (friends, business, even acquaintances — who do you remember fondly?)

3.  Build true relationships:  Be genuine.  Be real.  Do it because you really want to.  Choose people to be in your downline that you really want in your downline as much for their ability as their personality.  Consider yourself in this business for the long haul and choose people who are there with you and for you.  Become friends outside of the business whenever possible. Communicate well.

4.  Follow Up:  This is often a weak area.  Systems to help with follow up are very good to help you keep on top of it.  And again, we have tools to help with that if you need them. But what I really want to point out is that you need an active follow up schedule.  And following up is an art. Having reasons to follow up helps, but the most important reason is that you care and you want to help.

If you are using the inviting formula that I teach in the Professional Inviter Course correctly, then you already know following up is much easier to do with the earlier steps of the formula correctly done.

Why?  Because you established key factors that make your prospect look forward to hearing from you again, wanting to reach out to you in fact.  Especially if you had your “care factor” in place and your prospect genuinely felt cared for and that you were interested in him/her.

5.  Show your new recruits how to do these things in their own business.  Don’t just assume that your new recruits will automatically get right to it and become a success because 95% of them won’t.  Take the time to show them these steps and ensure they do them well. Their success is your success.

Make sure your downline understands that there’s no need to get overwhelmed by all the different, or cool, or new things that come your way with the promises of huge numbers and instant success. Because no matter what they do or where you go, it is the basics, the fundamentals, the simple things that always work.  They are your foundation.Professional Inviter, Network Marketing Business Building, Tim Sales

6.  Learn the Professional Inviting Skills I teach in the Professional Inviter Course.

If you are not using Professional Inviter to help you focus on the basics then you’re making your job a lot harder than it needs to be.  Get Professional Inviter and master the skills that make business building a joy and a reality.

There’s no bells or whistles or shiny baubles to distract you in the Professional Inviter Training Course.  There’s only solid information that makes your network marketing businesses grow as you learn these core skills.

7.  Repeat Steps 1 – 6 every day.

All the best,

Tim Sales

Written by Tim Sales