You really had it going on that time.  Your presentation was rolling out beautifully.  Your prospect appeared to be liking it more and more.  The more you talked, and asked questions and got answers, the more you were certain your friend was going to be joining your downline. In your mind, your Network Marketing Prospect was going to say “Yes! Sign me up!”  and then, you hear it, the last thing you expected:  “No, that’s not for me.”



On a case-by-case basis, there may be specific reasons why a friend has said no to you other than an absence of proper network marketing skills training, but this article is going to focus on when it happens because of a lack of proper training.

As hard as it is to handle, if you are getting a “no,” 80% of the time it is because of something you did wrong.  Knowing that, opens the door to getting fewer “no’s” in your network marketing sales calls and meetings.

The common points that cause a “no” from your network marketing prospect, whether he/she is a friend, family member, or a lead are listed below:

  • you invited them to look at your business without understanding their needs and wants
  • you depended too much on your network marketing scripts and didn’t sound natural
  • they gave you objections you couldn’t handle
  • you couldn’t make your presentation relevant to them and to their needs and wants
  • they asked you questions you could not answer
  • your follow up wasn’t effective enough



Success in Network MarketingWhether I am working with warm market or cold market, I always follow the Inviting Formula and I highly recommend you do the same by mastering the 5 steps of the formula (which is taught completely in the Professional Inviter course).

If you have done the five steps of the Inviting Formula and you get a “no”, then the exact correct action is to recognize that you missed something in the five steps, or you didn’t do the step completely, i.e. you rushed it along.

In a lot of instances, you may even be able to mentally spot where you messed up, back up to that point and come through the steps again and get that prospect to say yes.

However, in other instances (and it seems especially with friends) backing up in that same conversation is a less likely choice.  In fact, you may notice that your friend has become a bit distant from you.

Now you’re going to need to do some damage control.  Remember, in this scenario, you were working with a friend..

What you don’t want to do is keep trying to hammer them.  Instead, you back things all the way back up to BEFORE step 1 of the Inviting Formula.

Marketing Sales and ServiceYou go back to being a friend. You take them off your network marketing prospecting list for a while.  You call and you talk about the things you always talked about. You don’t talk to them about network marketing. You don’t even bring it up. Instead, you just stay in communication with them. Say things like, “hey, how are you?  How’s it going?”

Do that a couple of times. Remember you’re trying to repair that important relationship which you may have damaged. This is not wasting your time. Getting back into good communication is probably some of the most important time you will ever spend.

You’ll find that in no time at all you have restored that friendship.


Best Network Marketing OpportunitiesAbsolutely, you can put your friend back on your business building list.  But you really do owe it to yourself to make darned sure that before you bring up the network marketing business or products again that you know that inviting formula cold.  Network Marketing training has to be a part of your game plan.

If you’ve had a friend turn cold after you’ve presented, one of the most important things is to find out for yourself where you messed up in that inviting formula.  Then practice the steps until you are confident you won’t mess up again.

And that’s good advice for anybody with a “no” in their network marketing business building.

You just have to take the time to find where things went off the rails and fix it before doing any more prospecting.

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With Admiration,

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Tim Sales

Written by Tim Sales