How can someone be effective and financially successful in Network Marketing if they can’t organize their life so that they are productive? They can’t!

In Network Marketing Organization Is Worth Millions

It’s come to my attention through working with some new distributors that thei lack of organization is what keeps them from success. After sharing with them what I’m about to share with you, they said, “that information was worth millions of dollars!”

organizationDefining Organized & Productive

Organized means someone who plans their work activities efficiently so as to produce a desired result. Those who don’t plan, don’t have time to plan – nor be productive.

Productive means producing a specific result. Anybody can be busy. In fact, most people are. But are they producing a specific result that helps them to their goals?

The Four Steps to Organization & Productivity that bring MLM Success

  1. Start with seeing or visualizing the desired outcome before it occurs.
  2. Predicting or estimating what needs to be done in order for the outcome to occur.
  3. Seeing that each item that needs to get done does get done and in proper sequence.
  4. Writing lessons learned so that you improve.

Seeing or Visualizing Outcomes

Start with seeing or visualizing the desired outcome before it occurs. A simple example of this would be that I’m organizing a network marketing business meeting. So, I’ll start with the desired outcome(s):

  • I see or visualize or, even better, diagram the event on paper.
  • The event is in a professional and convenient location.
  • The meeting is very professional and valuable to all that attend.
  • I see 250 people attending with half of those as guests.
  • I see the room full of energetic people having fun.
  • I see the guests very interested in the meeting’s content.
  • I see 100 of the guests buying products and/or signing up after the meeting.
  • I see the distributors excited and ready to do another event.
That’s the first step to being organized and productive – fully seeing the desired outcome BEFORE the event occurs. You get the idea of how to visualize?  Can you start to see how proper organization can be productive and help you achieve your goals?  Read on to see this in action.

Predicting or Estimating Projects & Tasksbusiness-meeting-venue-for-

Step 2 is to predict or estimate what needs to be done in order for the desired outcome to occur. This is the step where you break down your vision into projects and tasks that get done.
So, let’s continue with our example of putting on a business opportunity event. I break my vision of this event into three main projects.
  • Project 1 – Hotel meeting location.
  • Project 2 – The meeting content.
  • Project 3 – People buying products and signing up.

See, I just broke my vision into 3 main projects.

So now that it’s broken into projects, let’s now break each project down into double tasks that we can check off. By the way, that’s how you test whether you’ve simplified your project into a task or not – whether you can check it off as done. Tasks get the project done. Projects get the vision or goal done. Here are some sample tasks for each of our projects:

Project 1 –  Hotel meeting location 

  • Contact 3 hotels in desirable locations and check availability and price.
  • Decide on one location and a date.
  • Get contract signed; make deposit if necessary.
  • Email the hotel a list of items I want in the room – # of chairs, the room temperature, chair arrangement, etc.
Project 2 – Meeting content

  • Decide length of content.
  • Decide what content will be presented.
  • Decide who will do each section of the content.
  • Decide rehearsal date. Get all presenters’ agreement to attend.

Project 3 – People buying products and signing up.

For Project 3 to occur, my distributors need to be trained to invite guests, sell products and sign people up. (This math is real nuts and bolts to holding any kind of group meeting or event, follow it to achieve some real MLM Success).

  • Set up six team calling dates to ensure 375 guests. If you want 250 people, one half or 125 are guests, and one out of 3 actually show up, you need 375 confirmed guests.
  • After the first team calling event, do one hour of product training on top three products to sell at the event.
  • After the second team calling event, do one hour of training on product scripts of what to say to sell top three products.
  • After the third team calling event, do one hour of product sales rehearsals.
  • After the fourth team calling event, hand out list of products, sales aids, and distributor agreements each needs to have at the event. Ensure they understand why each is necessary.
  • After the fifth team calling event, have distributors team up and walk each through how to sign up a new distributor.
  • Ensure each distributor knows to have product, sales aids and distributor agreements at the event AND knows how to properly sign up a new distributor.
  • Plan a fun dinner after the sixth team calling event. Make it light and fun. Give awards for most dials, most appointments and most improved.

So what have we done so far? We’ve put our vision on paper. We’ve broken our vision down into three projects and broken each project down into doable tasks.

Getting Tasks Done – In Proper Sequence

This is a quality control check. The person who writes these projects and tasks does not have to do each of these items but should quality check each item to ensure it “looks” the way they have envisioned. You are the “visionary,” therefore hold the responsibility that everything occurs as you envisioned.

If during this step, you see a bunch of problems and it is not at all looking like you had envisioned it – DON’T THINK IT’S A DISASTER! Examine what specific thing isn’t working correctly and rewrite the project or the task to change its direction.

Reviewing Lessons Learned

Here is an example of reviewing lessons learned. Take out your project list and write down the lessons learned.
Project 1 Meeting Lessons
  • Bethesda Hyatt Hotel is very professional and is in a great location. Use them again. Build relationship with general manager; then negotiate a better rate.
  • We need to warn guests of the $8 parking fee or give them an alternative to park at the diner across the street.
Project 2 Meeting Content Lessons

  • Train John better on introductions. Specifically, he needs to look at the audience more and not bounce back and forth on his feet.
  • Sue was great at each point of the presentation. Slide 7 has a typo in the headline.

Project 3 Product/Signup Lessons

  • Mark, Paul, Jane didn’t bring products to sell. Retrain them on why this is important.
  • Too many no-shows. Drill confirmation script for next event.
  • Kim is a closing MASTER! Have her teach at the next team calling.

Use This Organization Structure for AnythingProductive Things to Do

What I’ve just shared with you is completely scalable. This means that you can use the format for an in-home where you’re planning on having 10 of your best friends over. You could also use the same format to host 5,000 people at a regional event with speakers from the corporate office. You could use it to build a kitchen table or even to teach your children a foreign language.

The Missing Piece in Organization

If you ever find that you feel stuck, overwhelmed or you don’t want to do it anymore, the cause is normally that you’ve not broken the project down into small enough chunks yet. So make each task something you CAN do.

I hope you can see the value in what I’ve taught you in this bulletin. Many leaders think that network marketing is “event coordinating.” It’s not.

The missing piece is that the event coordinator’s job is to ensure the event goes well. The network marketer in contrast, who puts on an event, must make sure the outcome goes well. The event coordinator’s job is Project 1 — only.

A network marketer’s job is Project 1, 2, and 3. Many leaders miss this. They have events every week, sometimes twice a week and big events every month. But they never do 2 and 3.

Next Steps: Learn the 13 daily tasks that you should be doing in your network marketing business with Performance Tracker, and you’ll soon see some true mlm success.

Written by Tim Sales