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Duane sent in this question:

“I had a chance to review Brilliant Compensation again and found the reference where Tim is talking about ‘How Sales Volume Moves’ using three gears to illustrate (Exploratory, Wholesale Consumption, and Retail). Under retail, he says ‘Also, another way I retail products is I show someone the business and the products and that person may say to me ‘I’m not interested in the business right now but I am interested in the product(s).’

Clearly, Brilliant Compensation predates Professional Inviter where Tim states that you present either the business or the product but not both. So I’m curious as to why the change?”

Professional Inviter, Brilliant Compensation, MLM BusinessThanks for asking this question, Duane – it gives me a chance to clarify this important issue discussed in both Professional Inviter and Brilliant Compensation.  As you will see, they do actually work to support each other.

As a rule, when explaining the MLM business I do not go into detail about the product.

However, on occasion, you can be talking with an individual who needs a full understanding of the product in order to consider the business side.

You will find there are some people who are satisfied with an overview of the products sold, such as, “this company sells plant based nutrition products,” and that’s sufficient information for them to then be able to discuss in more detail the business itself.

Other people really want a full detailed understanding of the products, their value and benefit, testimonials from others, and possibly even to try them personally for a month or two before making that decision to become a rep.

Some People Need to Test the Product

This would be contrasted to someone who believes that the most important thing in selecting a MLM business is that the company is going to stay in business long-term, or the product is in front of large trends, etc.

I found when selling skin care in particular, the comment, “If I like it, then I can sell it,” came up. Therefore the prospect needed to try the products and like (love) them before they would feel right about joining the MLM business. Some of those ended up being customers but not doing the business.

So I have gotten some customers this way. In weight management, I’ve heard similar comments like, “if I get Brilliant Compensation, professional inviter, MLM Businessresults, then I can sell it.”

In these cases, during the explanation of how to achieve their needs/wants/don’t-wants, if one of these types of comments are made, go ahead and explain the product – but do so without using big words or slang words the prospect doesn’t understand.

And, whenever possible, I prefer to keep the specifics of the product out of the explanation and only explain the general product category.

Understanding the needs of the person you are talking to will help you to find that right level of product information to share.

In Summary

  1. Greet prospect
  2. Qualify – find out what they need/want or don’t want.
  3. Invite them to look at something that will help them achieve step 2.
  4. Handle any questions or objections
  5. Close to action
  6. Follow up/follow through. In the follow through step if they say something like, “I have to believe in the product…” Reply, “I respect that! So let’s get you some products to try.”

If they don’t say something like that, you should suggest it. That’s what leads you to getting them the product.

In Professional Inviter, when I say, “Present either the MLM business or the product, but not both,” what I mean there is, when trying to get a customer don’t explain the product and then say, “You can make money doing this.”

I’ve seen this kill the product sale because you’ve now introduced a LARGE thing for them to decide – THAT THEY NEVER ASKED FOR!

When you were first doing the Inviting Formula (six steps above) and they stated they wanted to “have better skin,” or “lose fat,” or rid themselves of free radicals – that has nothing to do with making money – then you shouldn’t bring it up.

Professional Inviter, Brilliant Compensation, MLM BusinessBut, if while doing the Inviting Formula they say, “I want to make more money,” and during the discussion they say, “I have to believe in the product,” then you help them get the product.

As I mentioned above, the Professional Inviter Course takes you through thorough training on how to really do this inviting to business or product correctly — expertly even. So if you are not already using what I teach in Professional Inviter, please study that training and start!  You’ll be happy that you did.

Written by Tim Sales