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Here’s some essential MLM Training for you.  I call it essential because over the years, I have heard too many people tell me about an mlm prospect they lost for this very reason, so let me show you how to handle it.

Sometimes your mlm prospect will ask you, “Is this sales?” in an apprehensive tone of voice for one of three main reasons:

  1. The mlm prospect is resistant to being rejected or they’ve felt pressured by a salesperson at some point and feel that’s what salespeople do – and he or she doesn’t want to do that to others. This could be because they feel YOU’RE pressuring them!
  2. Your prospect is not feeling confident in their ability to communicate. In my opinion – this is the main reason the question/objection comes up in the first place.
  3. The third reason is based on an image of a door-to-door salesperson and the prospect not wanting to be viewed in that way. This is obviously an outdated view as there are not a lot of people who go door to door today other than delivery people or possibly the girl scouts.

Ask Additional Questionsmlm training, mlm business, mlm prospect

To effectively handle this objection you first need to ask additional questions to find out what the mlm prospect views when they think of sales or sales people.

If their response indicates to you that they have a negative picture of the MLM Business Model or of selling (in general), you need to explain that ALL professions – doctors, politicians, colleges, churches, etc., must promote to make it known how they make someone’s life better. Any organization that doesn’t promote perishes.

Discuss Communication with Your MLM Prospect

An additional way I’ve handled this objection is to discuss communication and all the different ways they communicate currently and draw the connection that they are already selling – by communicating.mlm business, mlm training, mlm prospect

Many people have an incomplete definition of selling. Most view selling as “moving a product or service to a consumer.” The reason this is incomplete is because it omits that communicating a concept, idea or desire is also selling.

A person is selling when they are courting a boyfriend or girlfriend. A person is selling when they submit a resume for a job. A person is selling when they’re asking their child to do their homework. Almost all communications are “selling.” So this is really getting them to look at and see what selling is, and what it isn’t.

Once they understand that selling is truly nothing more than good communicating, the idea of an MLM business is much more approachable.

For the Most Part, Professions Are Not Unprofessional – But People Can Be

Also, you need to get your MLM prospect to see that a profession/business isn’t “professional” or “unprofessional” – people are either professional or unprofessional.

If someone has been in sales before and had a bad experience with it, normally it’s because they got tired of “being in the convincing business.”  This is because of poor sales training.

Professional Inviter will give you the most fundamental MLM training you need: the right way to communicate with prospects which won’t feel like “sales”.

The best thing about an MLM Business is that so often when working with a new MLM prospect you are building a true relationship.  Helping your MLM prospect to see that also does a lot to “blow” the “Is this Sales?” objection out of the water.

Just don’t forget relationships are built by your actions as well as your words. So do the right thing by  your MLM prospect and soon you’ll find he’s in your downline.

All the best,

P.S. – If you’re not using Professional Inviter, please start using it.  This MLM Training will make a world of difference for you.

Written by Tim Sales