Incentives will get your MLM organization moving, producing and excited about their MLM business.

Here are some great ideas to help keep people focused and productive, which are both key items to downline motivation.

The information in this article DOES NOT REPLACE what you learned in A Little Secret about Downline “Motivation” – Part 1.

In that article, I explained the importance of a well-trained downline. Proven MLM training is the backbone of motivation. Nothing motivates a person more than fully knowing what to say on the phone, how to say it, and having confidence that they can do that.

How to Use Incentives to Grow Your MLM Business & Create Downline Motivation

In conjunction with a well-trained downline, here’s how I recommend you use incentives to grow your MLM business and create downline motivation. Think of incentives as games you can play to keep the business fun. I’m talking about dynamic, exciting incentives to increase your downline’s enthusiasm that help them look forward to doing the business. And in turn, have that enthusiasm translate into products sold and new distributors signed up.

downline motivation, mlm organization, mlm businessIncentives create a fun culture in your organization. As well, it is widely acknowledged that distributor recognition is an effective motivator, and helps to grow that distributor’s MLM Business. 

Recognition raises self-esteem. It shows your distributors that you care about them, and you value and appreciate the effort they put forth. You can’t put a price tag on that. And once they know that you care about them BY YOUR ACTIONS, they will show you something you may not have thought possible. They will give you their best performance ever. 

With incentive programs  you are trying to achieve an increase in production & performance in not only an individual MLM Business, but your overall MLM Organization as well.

These Are the Two Important Factors to Consider

  • What performances to reward
  • What to reward achievers

Performance Worthy of Incentives

Any of the following are performance-based:

  • Any of the 13 activities in Performance Tracker. Such as the number of appointments set, number of presentations, the number of retail sales, etc.
  • Total number of guests at MLM business meetings or conference calls
  • New distributors per week/month/quarter
  • Retail products sold
  • Training steps completed
  • Highest volume, highest increase in volume, and highest increase in volume percentage and pin level achievement

mlm business, mlm organization, downline motivationAchiever Incentives

For small achievements, you should recognize your team with thank you notes (handwritten) and or acknowledging them at the next conference call, webinar, or mlm business meeting. When and where appropriate for the achievement made, send flowers or a balloons, or some other fun “thank you” to the distributor.

At every MLM training meeting you do, you should give at least two awards to high achievers. If you do a newsletter, be sure to recognize your achievers in it. Be sure to get pictures of your team members (highest achievers) with their guests. 

Other MLM Business Achiever Ideas: 

  • Weekly, whoever had the most guests at the meeting or everyone who had over three guests gets a free dinner
  • Professionally made certificates in a frame ready to hang on their wall
  • Recognition pins
  • Prospecting leads for high activity. For instance, you could award whoever has the most number of prospects on the MLM opportunity conference calls with 20 free leads.
  • Apparel – such as company shirts or hats
  • Convention tickets are a great one. Everyone who sponsors five new distributors in the next two months get a free national convention ticket.
  • Travel is always a good one – ski trip, beach trip, cruise or family trip.
  • And never hold back on buying MLM training for them as an award – it’s really the best award you can give when you think about it.

Don’t Damage Your Incentive Program or Your Income

Beware of the following problems that can damage your incentive program and ultimately your income.

  • Lack of MLM training – I’ve mentioned this already but it tops the list as being most important. And the core product that I recommend is the Professional Inviter Course.
  • Don’t extend the award cycle. Make sure the awards are given out as soon as the program period ends.
  • Keep the program simple. If there’s a ton of twists and turns, no one knows what they have to do.
  • Don’t use the same programs all the time. If the same people in your MLM organization win every time, others get discouraged. So change the program so that it rewards the super achievers as well as others.
  • Lack of follow up after the program – Right after the awards ceremony, pass out a 3×5 card and ask for comments.
  • Lack of communication – Someone has to be driving the incentive program. This means constant communication. Send pictures of the destination if it’s a trip. If it’s a car, send pictures of the car. Keep the incentive in front of your team a couple of times per week.
  • Lack of a good rollout. The means plan the program. Plan the promotion. Plan the award.

Let’s say we’re going to do a School’s Out Game that ends on June 1st. The winner gets a trip for four to Disney World for four days. This is a good time to do a contest because March, April and May are the performance months.

The winner is leaving as soon as school’s out! This gets kids involved as well. We start promoting the program February 15th. The awards ceremony will be at a barbecue outing on June 1st and all family members are invited. At this event, we will also announce the next program – Back to School Game.

As you can see, this creates a wonderful unity between everyone within your MLM organization as well as a fun culture.  When the culture is fun, downline motivation is much easier to create and maintine.

Enjoy your MLM business!

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All the best, Tim 

Written by Tim Sales