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Kristyn is stepping up to the plate again with another blog post that I’ve asked her to author. Just want to say thank you  to those of you who sent me notes privately, and generally speaking I’d like to let you all know that there are barriers that we have to break through, so don’t worry about that.  Just keep your sights on the goals, not the barriers. That’s the first most important point to overcoing the barriers.  

The second, of course is to get trained.  There’s a lot more success when you know how to do things, and honestly, it’s a lot more fun! Tim (The rest of this article was prepared by Kristyn Bore.)

Top 50 Network Marketing Companies


From Kristyn:

The Secret to this MLM Business is Training.

The biggest leaders in the industry have figured out how to teach successful duplication from one leader to the next. The correct skills are taught. And when enough people are doing those correct skills, the magic happens. This industry pays very well when you know the skills and you can teach them so the next person can do them correctly. 

Bottom line, if you want to produce more, or you want your downline to produce more, you must be trained.


How & What to Train On

business-meeting-venue-for-The test of effective training is not whether you show up to a weekly webinar and take notes, or you’re reading the latest and greatest “Rah Rah Motivational – Positive Affirmation” book. Yes, those things are important, don’t get me wrong.

But, the most effective training is simply this:  Whether you can actually DO THE SKILL you’ve been taught.

For example, if you are calling leads and not setting any appointments, it doesn’t matter how many best- selling “Rah-Rah” books you’re reading! Doesn’t matter how “pumped up and excited” that book makes you. If you don’t have the skills to set appointments consistently you’ll continue to drown. So for those of you who are wondering what you should be focused on learning and what you should be studying, here’s a list straight from Tim Sales’ little book with all of the training answers.

This is What You Need to Know

  • How to establish and achieve goals                                                                            
  • How to promote
  • What to say to people when they make phone calls
  • How to set appointments
  • How to Invite
  • How to present your business or products (to individuals and groups)
  • How to sell your business or products
  • How to sponsor people (the correct procedures and sequence)ipadhorizontalleft_909x685
  • How to train new distributors

Last year we released the Network Marketing 101 Training Program which teaches you all the above.  If you already own it and haven’t finished the training yet, log into your members area and get it done.  If you have completed your training but still aren’t having the results you want, log into your members area and review it.  this is the kind of training that you want to repeat and review often because each time you do that, you get more out of it.  

Finally, if you don’t own it, you can get it here: 

shutterstock_232995748Get Rid of the Fear & Hesitation

In order for you to get rid of the fear and hesitation and move into productivity that gets results, you need to be effective in each one of these areas. When you can do each of these things, you will be motivated because you are effective. 

It’s a new year and so many things change each and every year, but these basics don’t change.  These are the fundamentals.  Know them and know them well.  

Kristyn Bore

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Written by Tim Sales