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What Comes after You Have Contacted an MLM Prospect?

Contacting prospects means you’ve made a connection. Just leaving a message or sending an email is NOT “contact”.

Contact is speaking with the prospect, receiving a reply to your message, getting into real, two-way communication with someone. And that real live communication is where you begin qualifying prospects.

So, what’s the best way to establish such a conversation, or even what we must do before we make contact?  Read on.

Empty Your Mind of Everything other Than the Thought of Making that MLM Prospect’s Life Better.

The best mind-set to take to a new prospect is one where your desire is to improve his or her life. I mean simply have no considerations one way or the other about about the money you might make from signing him, or other any other gain you might achieve.

These are the rules:

  • Prospects can smell insincere, self-oriented people a mile away.
  • Care more about yourself than your prospect and you will never enjoy great success in network marketing.
  • You want prospects coming to you, not running away or avoiding you like the plague.
  • Do not fill your prospect’s mind with too much information. You’d be surprised how many will tell you how to sell them, if you let them talk to you.
  • Be interested in the prospect.
  • If you must have something on your mind, try having a healthy dose of interest in him or her.

Be curious about how to help your MLM prospect improve his or her circumstances, which might include their health, wealth family life or happiness. Everyone wants to feel happy.

Helpful Tips

Prepare for every conversation with an MLM prospect the following way and you will never say the wrong thing.

Focus on your MLM prospect’s well being, needs and wants, and say what comes out naturally:

  • what does he do for work today?
  • what is his family situation?
  • is he looking, open to something new?
  • how does he measure success?
  • what is he trying to avoid or not have to do in the future?
  • would he like to make more money, or is there something else that inspires him?
  • is he familiar with network marketing and MLM? What does he think about them?
  • is he willing to have your help?

If you would have satisfaction in MLM, stay interested, stay curious.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

Listen to how your MLM prospect answers your questions. Really listen. Clarify to understand what your prospect really means by the words he uses.

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Preparing your attitude that way, you will never say the wrong thing.

Satisfaction will be yours to keep, because success in MLM will come your way.

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