Not that long ago, I had the opportunity to explain the formula for handling objections.  Now this is powerful stuff.  This formula works for handling ANY objection.  Not just objections people have to Network Marketing.

You can handle objections from family members, or spouses, or co-workers using this formula.  What matters is that you just follow the steps as I lay them out in this video.

As you just saw in this video, there are certain aspects of objection handling that I do not recommend. Key amongst those is the use of “Feel, Felt, Found”.  Especially if you are just starting out in Network Marketing, it isn’t a good idea to try this technique.

You've got One Shot at this. Don't Interrupt them. Let them Sing.

Normally, I have found that people do much better not trying to use “rote” phrases or actions to work through objection handling.  That’s why I offer a formula that you can learn the steps to and stick with, but not be stuck in a rote patter of words that may not always work.


  1. Listen completely through their objection, do not interrupt them.
  2. Confirm that you understand which objection they have.
  3. Confirm but don’t agree with the objection.  Just let them know you heard and understand.
  4. Facilitate in handling the objection.
  5. When You’ve handled the objection, go back to wherever you were in the Presenting or Inviting Formula.

Objection handling is normally not the first thing you will handle if you are using the Inviting Formula taught in the Professional Inviter Course or the Presenting Formula taught in the Professional Presenter Course. These two courses are the bedrock of the training that I provide to Network Marketers.


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Written by Tim Sales