Here is one of the fastest ways to get prospects, and improve your communication skills at the same time. If  you actually do it, no matter how hard it seems at first, you will find yourself with an endless supply of prospects. Plus, you will have boosted your skill level.  You’ll also begin to feel a lot more confident.

This technique also has a huge plus for many people just starting out or on a tight budget.  It doesn’t cost you anything. So if you need prospects, and you’re on a budget, this is the way you do it.

This morning on my Facebook page, I asked what people would like some help with so I could cover it in my blog.  I got a lot of requests for help with finding prospects and one friend asked for the “ABCs of Network Marketing” in my next article.  Well, I can’t give all the ABCs in one article, but I can call this technique that I’m going to give  you today “one of the ‘As’.

Honestly, to get all the Network Marketing ABCs, you need to do some of my courses, and I hope that you will. That’s where the big value is for you.  But, until you do, my blog gives you great value with Network Marketing fundamentals that you can implement and start using right away.


It doesn’t matter how much experience you do or don’t have.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the business. This is actually a skill you want to master right away because it is one you will always use. More importantly whenever you have one of those days where it seems things are going the wrong way, then you’ve got this one skill to pull you back up and get you back in the game. It’s that powerful and it never goes out of style!  You can always adapt it.

This skill took me quite a long time to figure out. But once that was accomplished, I have used it every day and everywhere I go. It’s going to seem awfully simple when you read about it, and the best part is that it really works. Since I’ve taken the worst pain out of how to do this, if you follow my simple instructions, you will not struggle like I initially did.

Skill: Starting Conversations with People – Even Strangers – the goal of this exercise is to reach out into your environment in person, or on the phone, or other platforms and start conversations with people naturally and comfortably, which then lead into more conversation.

Ability Achieved: Able to Start Conversations with Anyone

Business Building Benefit: No shortage of leads to convert into prospects. No shortage of prospects.

Personal Abilities Achieved: A boost in self-confidence and courage.


  • Make a list of all the places you go in a day: work, post office, grocery store, gym, parks, public transportation, PTA meetings, service clubs – you get the idea. Every day as you experience your daily routine, you are with people.
  • Choose somebody: from all the places you go that you’d enjoy talking to or have wanted to talk to.
  • Identify the awkward part:  for most people it is wondering how to approach them, how to start a conversation without being intrusive, being shy about it, or coming across as a desperate sales person. Identifying this allows you to see why this drill is so simple, but so important all at the same time.  Moreover, if you recognize what makes you awkward, when you do the next step,  you’ll quickly see how you don’t feel awkward doing it.
  • Start the conversation with that person that does not include any prospecting, here’s the secret: The easiest way to start a conversation with a complete stranger is to talk about items in the environment.

What I am recommending you do is find something in the environment to start the conversation – talk about temperature, elevator speed, a piece of furniture, earrings, – you can talk about anything! With things in the environment you point out some interesting item and start the conversation about it.

“I’ve not been outside today – is it cold out?” See, you’re getting your prospect to focus on the environment. Or, “I see you have a large bag of wheat in your cart – what do you use it for?”

And once the conversation has started, you can find other items in the environment to talk about, and then continue to look for points of commonness you share with that person and talk about those things. The point here is that you simply have a conversation – don’t talk about the business at all. Just have a conversation and see what you can learn about that person. 


This idea about correct intention is very important, so please, read it a couple of times and really make sure it makes sense to you.  You see, if you set out to meet someone with the intention of prospecting them, it is very uncomfortable and awkward. If you see someone you want to meet and talk about something in the environment, it’s not uncomfortable.  If, after talking with the person you find that you wouldn’t want to work with them, then no harm done! You’ve not invited them to look at anything – you’ve just met someone and you chose to move on!

So the correct way to start a conversation is to pick an item in the environment and start a conversation about that. If the person is open to talking with you, listen to their response (or lack there of) and build from there.

Simple greetings (“I’ve not been outside today – is it cold out?”) turn into conversations, that then turn into relationships. No relationship just “happens.” Someone creates it.

It doesn't matter how much experience you do or don't have. It doesn't matter how long you've been in the business. This is actually a skill you want to master right away because it is one you will always use.

And please don’t think this is only for in-person.  Today we get a lot of prospects via text, social media, email, telephone. Like I said above, this skill adapts.

The technique is the same.  Start talking to that person about something in the environment.  It’s a bit more challenging in some mediums than others, but it can be done and we do often have to adapt old fundamental basic skills to our new mediums.  Social media is fairly easy.

Put a post up on your wall:  What’s the weather like in your part town today?  See who responds and use that as an entrance to follow up with private message.  But don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you can’t do this in person. That’s the best way to do it.

And don’t ever think that everybody on your friends list should be talked to the same way.  They’re not all network marketing leads!

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I’ve put training in there that you can use right away and start getting results right away.


Starting conversations is a skill that you get better at as you keep doing it.  Set a daily routine to start at least one conversation with somebody, but if you are really going for rapid growth, make that three conversations a day as your minimum.

Expand your list of places you can find people.  (Remember, they don’t have to be new, you are building relationships and that means going back to people that you’ve talked to before and doing it again as well as reaching out to new people.)

Let me know how you do!  You can either comment here on the blog or update me on Facebook. I’d love to hear how many prospects you start getting.

With Admiration,

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Written by Tim Sales