Communication is the root skill for expansive business growth, yet many people in Network Marketing do not employ it effectively to their advantage. Knowing how to communicate well is the missing link.

The Achilles’ Heel of any business owner is the assumption that their distributors, representatives or sales people have the ability to communicate effectively to their customers and/or downlines.

Small Business Growth, How to Be Successful in Network MarketingAny Business Growth Strategy includes effective communication. Network Marketing Businesses are no different.

Effective communication begins with getting a message across a distance from one person to another. Then getting that message understood so that it can be put into action.  As simple as that may sound at first glance, it is actually far more difficult than people realize . . . especially in today’s multi-tasking environment.  You can’t have business growth if you can communicate effectively.

Ineffective communication can be one of the most common causes downline team members become less active and as such less successful. The best network marketing opportunities can fail simply because of this one point of ineffective communication.

But there’s more to it than just communication.  Your team has to have a definite plan and know what to do when communicating.  What begins with being able to get a communication delivered, continues with knowing what should be delivered to the recipient to get the desired result.

To have a successful growth strategy for your network marketing group there are things you can do in your training program.  I’m going to share some of my successful training actions with you below.


  • Have them decide what their goal is in contacting a prospect.
  • Have them write down that goal.
  • Have them write down a step-by-step plan to communicate and achieve that goal.
  • Have them show you what they wrote down and ask them what step they are doing currently when communicating.
  • Have them demonstrate each step with a real prospect.
  • Ask them, “How do you get a customer?” and then have them get a customer while you watch or listen.
  • Ask, “How do you get a distributor?” and then have them get a distributor while you watch or listen.
  • Ask them, “How do you train a distributor?” and watch while they train one.


Business Growth Strategy, network marketing booksStaying on top of their progress is a very important part of these steps. Some people will catch right on, and you’ll immediately see results.   Others will need more of your time to really work through their weak points and master them.

Give them the time they need, people learn at their own pace.

You’ll begin to see that they’ve taken the reins and can move out on their own.

I can’t stress this enough: don’t minimize the training time. Don’t try to take shortcuts.  The more you train your team, the more you and your team will gain. Most of all, repeat these steps a few times. This is the underlying task in business growth.

I have always said it is the drilling that leads to real success.  The more you and your team work to achieve truly effective communication, the more you will see the confidence grow in each individual team member.

I can't stress this enough: don't minimize the training time. Don't try to take shortcuts. The more you train your team, the more you and your team will gain.

Implement a daily call with your newest Reps, and a weekly call with your more established Representatives.  Have them share what they struggled with on the points above and what they had success with.  Give any pointers and critiques that you can, but always remember to keep it positive and constructive.


Your team’s success will relate directly back to the steps I’ve shown above and their ability to communicate effectively.  If you keep your finger on the pulse of your downline, and check in with them regularly, do more drilling and review whenever possible the steps above, you’ll find that their success just grows and grows, it won’t be long before your company comes up top 10 network marketing companies!

Have them role play and demonstrate exactly what they are doing,  and this will help you to understand any changes your reps or distributors need to make.

Just remember, those who have mastered the steps above will be able to communicate effectively and thus earn more income and have more fun.  They’ll appreciate your help. They earn you more income, too.  And you achieved your goal:  Real Business Growth!

With Admiration,

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Tim Sales

Written by Tim Sales