DATE:  Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 8:00 pm EDT:

TITLE: Why These 2014 Tragic (Legal) War Stories Could Get Your Bank Accounts Froze by the FTC . . . And What You Can Do to Avoid This Happening to You.

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I’d like you to meet my friend Chip Cooper, Internet Attorney. He’s been practicing Internet Law since the beginning of the Internet, and was even an adjunct professor at Wake Forest Law School specializing in Internet Law for many, many years. He is also the attorney for, and the CEO of FTC Guardian, an online training company.


The FTC is taking a serious look these days at online businesses — small businesses, like yours and mine. The question is whether or not their concerns should also be yours . . .

Play along with me and take this quick quiz… Take out a pen and paper and answer a simple YES or NO for each of the following:

  • Do you use Click Funnels, Lead Pages, or *any* of these type systems?
  • Are you a digital publisher?
  • Do you market to, or offer products or services to consumers in the US? (FYI: People who work from home are considered consumers in the eyes of the FTC)
  • Do you provide coaching services?
  • Do you have a membership site?
  • Do you make “free” offers on Facebook or other social media platforms?
  • Do you use squeeze pages or have some type of optin page somewhere?
  • Do you do *any* advertising online?
  • Do you own a blog?
  • Are you a publisher?
  • Do you hire outsourcers?
  • Do you have images on your website?

If you answered yes to even ONE of these, you are potentially in real danger.

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Written by Tanya Munro