Ashort while ago, on my Facebook Page, I asked people what goals they had set for themselves and also what they needed help with this week.  I really liked the question from Serkan Uzal from Turkey, because I know this has happened to plenty of people and I think it is something that we can all benefit from thinking about even if our downline isn’t disappearing.

I smashed a team of 150 people and have tried many times to start from scratch. I wish I could still achieve success. Do you have a suggestion to me? Thank you for the answer.

I had to clarify what he meant by “smashed” and he explained that these people left his downline, and he’s back to square one, needs to rebuild all over again.

So his question basically breaks down into two areas:  First we have to take a look at some leadership skills that will help one keep a downline and second we have to take a look at routine production skills that will keep you expanding.


TDownline Builderhe very first thing that you want to do if you find yourself in this situation is take personal stock of your own leadership and prospecting skills.  This is important to do because those you put below you will and do look up to you.  They want a leader and if they’re not getting a leader, then they’ll wander off.

However, if you’re thinking like a leader already, you don’t wait until everybody has left to start trying to fix the problem. You adopt routine actions and analysis as a part of your daily and weekly management tasks.

Part of being a leader is also going to include your own assessment of the company you are with. You’ve got to make sure you are with a company that is doing well and has what Networkers need to succeed.


  • Good infrastructure
  • Superb products that you absolutely love, trust and use yourself
  • Good compensation plan
  • Good training

Don’t ever be afraid to do your homework.  There are plenty of great companies out there and you are most likely already with a great one.  But if you feel like you aren’t, then don’t worry about loyalty issues.  Worry about your business.  A great place to start researching companies (including the one you are with now) is MLMRankings. This website keeps stats on companies.  Check them out.


If you have a great company but a diminishing downline, your first step is to work on your own management and training skills.

Leader Characteristics:

  • A good leader manages
  • A good leader trains
  • A good leader is able to do those things that he manages and trains others on!

Start by taking a personal assessment of your own ability to convert leads into prospects and build true relationships.  How many prospects are you converting? How long does the average person stay with you?   If it is less than 60 days, here’s what you know:  Either the way you are recruiting them is wrong or the things you are teaching them to do when they first start out is generating more failure than success.  Or maybe you are not training them at all– which is going to guarantee failure.


  1. Do you set daily goals for yourself and your team?
  2. Do you meet with your team every morning before you start your day (even if it’s a facebook goal setting post)?
  3. Do you follow up and make sure each of you are achieving those goals?
  4. Do you set realistic targets for the week and the month?
  5. Do you help your team do the same?
  6. When you see that you are not getting your targets met, what actions do you take to turn it around?
  7. When you see that your team is not meeting their targets and goals do you work with them to help them fix the problems so that they can meet their goals?
  8. What training do you do each week and/or month?
  9. What training are you having your team do each week and/or month?
  10. What kind of advertising are you doing? Do you monitor its effectiveness and adjust as necessary to ensure you and your team are getting sufficient quantities of leads?

For the person just beginning, the thought of actually managing oneself or their team members can be overlooked. The idea that they’re just going to talk to friends and family and build a business is still a common recruiting approach that never works as the only way to build a business. So that’s the first thing you have to really think through – How am I going to manage myself and my team? How do I develop the qualities of an Effective Leader?

We’ll cover all of these areas more in upcoming blog articles but start taking a look at these ten questions and making notes.  If you have not yet done so, make sure you get signed up for our Network Marketing 101 Course.Effective Leadership Skills This is one of our newer courses and I strongly recommend that every team leader take the course and get every person on the downline to also take the course.  It covers the critical areas that we are discussing in this article today.  So if you haven’t done this course yet, then get to it!


Over the next several days, I’ll cover more specifics on the ten points above in more blog articles.  It is my sincere hope that as I’m rolling out the information you need in these blogs you are getting the rest of what you need from the new Network Marketing 101 course.  These blog articles along with that course will put you in a position where you never find yourself back to the beginning having to rebuild from scratch!

Good luck to you!

 Leadership and Management

Tim (#TimSales)


Written by Tim Sales